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Welcome to Allsopp & Allsopp, the most trusted real estate agency in Dubai. Allsopp & Allsopp has team-combined experience of well in excess of 100 years estate agency experience in both local and international real estate markets

If you are a motivated individual, looking to kick start your career in real estate, or a seasoned pro seeking better prospects then Allsopp & Allsopp is the right place for you. Apply now and be a part of a winning team.

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Staff Testimonials

Our people are our most valuable asset, we recognise staff retention as one of the most important facets of our business. Our team are treated with the upmost respect and are made to feel apart of the business.

Alex McCormack
Property Sales Consultant

When I first read the job description and the potential salary I could earn working in Dubai with Allsopp & Allsopp I took it with a pinch of salt but having been here since September 2010, I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done and I have never regretted it.

Working back in the UK, I could only dream about this kind of earning potential but now it is a reality.

The Allsopp & Allsopp Family is a very close knit family and always prepared to help each other out and I think that is the reasons why I feel Dubai is my home. I have never enjoyed my job as much as I do here and I look forward to starting every new day.       

George Hills
Sales Team Manager

I started working for Allsopp & Allsopp in July 2010 as a Property Sales Consultant and worked through the structured career path to Sales Team Manager. As soon as I started I wanted to progress as much as possible and found the training provided helped me to do this. There is a fantastic career structure in place and if you are willing to work hard then the sky really is the limit.

Having worked in Real Estate for some 12 years, Allsopp & Allsopp stand head and shoulders above any company I have worked for in the past. Great rewards, benefits and constant recognition is fantastic, no one goes unmissed in this company.

It is refreshing to work with colleagues and management that really want to succeed as part of a team and as individuals.       

Jane Tirao
Accounts Assistant

Working with Allsopp & Allsopp, for me has been excellent for my career growth, and have increased my interest in the fieldwork, I work within. It gave me a better opportunity to practice my desired career path and this Company has given me the best training any company could give. They motivate every employee every day and which leads to having excellent staff and a good office relation with each and everyone.       

Paul Kelly
Property Sales Consultant

The best example I can give of how good the company and the job is, I was encouraged to come over by a friend of mine also works within the company. Darren was, and still is, doing very well for himself. I have now been here for 18 months and really enjoy everything about the job and the place. I have subsequently encouraged 2 more friends to join the company.

Everybody at the company is very welcoming and helpful. There is a brilliant camaraderie and the management is very supportive.

If you work hard the rewards are mind-boggling and the lifestyle is something else. Top beaches, fine restaurants, huge shopping malls and some of the world's most iconic landmarks on the doorstep are just a small percentage of what's on offer.       

Marc Walters
Senior Sales Consultant

I came to Dubai in October 2008, and was put in touch with Carl and Lewis through a mutual friend who had heard rumors that the agency was one of the most professional and up and coming real estate agencies at the time.

I met with the guys and 10 minutes in their company felt I had know them a lot longer. Their vision on that day was to become Dubai's number 1 agency and they had a business model in place that left me in no doubt in my mind that they would achieve this. Carl, Lewis and Gary made me feel very at ease and in that 10 minutes I felt this was the place I felt I should be at. Although the company is very dynamic, aggressive and professional the directors help their employees more than any employer I have worked for.

I have seen this company grow from a 6-man agency in a commercial villa to a 50 man very strong agency and move to a 5000 sq.ft. office unit in a very prestigious business hub of Dubai.

The team we have in A&A is now probably the strongest it has ever been and although every member is very professional there is a camaraderie that is second to none. In a potentially envious environment everybody here wishes the best for everyone and offers either words of encouragement or help if needed.As one of the longest standing members of the company I can safely say on behalf of all the guys in the office it's a pleasure working for A&A and long may it continue.

Although these guys are my employees they have also become lifelong friends. For anyone who is thinking about working for this company then I suggest you meet the people who run the place and your mind will be made up very quickly.       

James Perry
Senior Sales Consultant

I joined Allsopp &Allsopp as I had a friend who had joined and not only was making very good money, but also really enjoyed the office atmosphere and lifestyle. If he wouldn't have been working here I probably would have been skeptical, but now I am 110 % glad I made the move.

The office has a relaxed vibe, but is strict on its core values, which will help any new starters get the best out of themselves. The earning potential is huge and the company looks after you. You also have the added benefit of being able to enjoy the beach on weekends!       

Aureen Jobard
Property Manager

I decided one reason from the innumerable reasons why Allsopp &Allsopp is the best place to work, then I'd say that it offers abundant opportunities for growth and you become a part of an amazing endeavor. I genuinely feel a sense of belonging and that the organization is dedicated to helping me in my professional development.       

Liz Masongsong
HR Manager

Having worked with Allsopp &Allsopp from February 2009, the camaraderie and the experienced I have gained is incomparable. I enjoy the strong bond between team members and the willingness of senior people to work with new employees in a supportive manner. I honestly cannot remember a day going by where I did not learn something new, and the opportunities for personal growth with Allsopp &Allsopp are tremendous. I can really say that with great culture and great people a future growth is expected.

Personally, I'm vey proud being a part of this company and the family.       

Faiez El Ajaji
Property Sales Consultant

I have been working with Allsopp & Allsopp for over 2years and I can truly say that the level of professionalism, attention to detail and a dedicated set-up has been paramount in my success.Our solid structure and high standards has helped me become very focused, efficient and has seen me enjoy my job even more through excellent working environment. Overall Allsopp & Allsopp provides me with the best platform out there in order to set youapart from the competition.       

Martin Hyre
Sales Team Manager

When I first approached the Allsopp & Allsopp about a position, I was skeptical about the stated salary potential. However, I can honestly say that this has by far surpassed my expectations and right now, I cannot see any way of returning to the UK job sector with the money I am earning, the fact that there is no income tax is the icing on the cake!

Having spent the last few years working for egotistic, unrealistic employers it is fair to say that everyone with the Allsopp name is anything but. I genuinely feel part of the family, respected and valued. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending taking the step to anyone looking to breathe new life into his or her career.       

Samantha Liborwich
Sales Team Manager

Allsopp & Allsopp is a family run business with very approachable managers that are always willing to go that extra mile to help you out as long as you are a hard worker. They put a lot back into the company unlike others in Dubai and this in turn helps us all to succeed.       

Hayley Griffiths
Property Sales Consultant

One of the main things I love about Allsopp & Allsopp is the people, I have worked in many office environments throughout my career and without a doubt this is the only place where I have felt that people really care, everyone makes the effort to befriend each other, congratulate each other on successes and support each other through any difficulties. We have a good strong team ethic but are constantly challenged and the consultants are constantly in friendly competition with one another…. Allsopp & Allsopp are a caring company who put people first!       

Darren Reeve
Head of Commercial Sales & Leasing

Having worked for Allsopp & Allsopp since January 2009 the company has offered me a way to progress my Real Estate career, starting as a "Sales negotiator" to "Sales Team Manager" and now "Head of Commercial Sales and Leasing" the company believes in internal growth and has a strong core team that have been working together for a long time – which is not seen in many other Real Estate companies.

The company is continuing to grow and always attracting the top people within the industry – this is down to the company's name in the market but also down to the internal working environment between sales team and management alike, small yet important things like being paid on time, offering incentives, giving staff the best tools to work with, constant investment and overall a great team of friendly, professional and like minded individuals.       

Emma Knee
Property Leasing Consultant

The support and guidance that you receive working at Allsopp and Allsopp just doesn't compare to any other company I have worked for in Dubai or in the UK. You really do feel like part of a big family.

I'm really proud of how our company has grown so quickly and can honestly say that I work for the best Real Estate Company in Dubai. It shows in our work ethics, the atmosphere in our team and in our results.       

Craig Andrews
Property Leasing Consultant

After working with other companies in the UAE, Allsopp & Allsopp Real Estate clearly stand out in the market for their friendly staff, professional working environment and high level of customer service. Our well jelled team of hard working agents and supportive management thrive to make us the best agents we can be and are the reason I get out of bed every morning.       

Sophie Potterton
Property Leasing Consultant

Allsopp & Allsopp are a well-known and professional company greatly renowned for in Dubai. Working for the company is a true pleasure, Allsopp and Allsopp are an inspirational company, who help, support and encourage all of their staff and always have a positive mental attitude. Having taken a huge step moving from the UK to Dubai to work for the company, I personally feel that I could not have chosen a better company to work for, who are motivated, friendly and compassionate.       

Cecille Gonzales
Team Coordinator

I love working for Allsopp & Allsopp because of the friendly and nice atmosphere in the office. It's refreshing to be working on a company where there is an open communication from the admin staff to the Management in spite of the differences in position, cultures and likes.       

Amelyn Dalumpines
Team Coordinator

Every morning I look forward to coming to work, because everyone at Allsopp & Allsopp is friendly and no matter what position, you are valued. I would say that Allsopp & Allsopp fully enhances my professional career growth. I hope to continue working with Allsopp & Allsopp for many years, as they are my new family in Dubai. Allsopp & Allsopp is built upon solid foundations and has excellent values.       

Officially The Best Real Esate Agency in Dubai and Arabia
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