I wanted to take a minute of your time and drop you a private note to let you know that Saba has provided a service you should be proud of – Saba has worked incredibly hard, been totally flexible and run here, there and everywhere in her determination to get the deal done.

She also acted in a calm and professional manner all the way through what is a pretty stressful process, but removed and transferred those stress levels onto her own shoulders!

You have a real company asset there – trustworthy, truthful and knows her game…..and having lived here for over a decade, this is a rarity in Dubai.

Many years ago I completed a fast track project directly for Gordon Ramsay, full of pitfalls, trials and tribulations – the one thing that sticks in my memory was at end of the project when he hand delivered me a copy of his latest book and a note inside that read ‘Thank you – a job well done’.

Not my business, but I would strongly suggest Saba gets a pat on the back for ‘a job well done’.

All the best,

Chris, Jumeirah Village Triangle - February 2017


Smooth, efficient and helpful. Allsopp & Allsopp couldn't have made things easier. Liam was a great help.

Gareth, DIFC - January 2017


Dear Sherylle,

Thank you for the mail. 

We would like to thank the entire who made this entire process pain free from start to finish. 

I was the right decision to sell through you guys

Great job!

Cameron, Green Community West - January 2017


Grateful to Andrew and the Allsopp team for making our move pain free, quick, and efficient. No drama's great communication, excellent and rapid support organizing the Ejari and Dewa delivering a positive and happy outcome for all. Professional, reliable, and trustworthy - Highly recommended.

Stephen, Jumeirah Golf Estates - January 2017


Hello Emma,

I first arrived in Dubai in 2008. In terms of seeking housing I've experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

You know better than I that its a quagmire out there looking for new home. Online activity is dominated by 2-3 websites where we are all left dismayed. Property descriptions are shoddy at best. The pictures are so amateur that they leave us bemused and confused. The end result, I guess, is that we end up relying on finding Agents that we trust rather than anything we get from social media.

Nicha (my wife) and I were left without a home after the fire at Oceana. We were ready to move straight away. In our search for a new home, every day for 3 weeks we trawled around no end of properties, with up to about 10 different Agents. In our experience, 70% of the agents just met us at the designated property and did nothing else other than do the standard sales chat to sell us their property. A couple of the Agents listened to what we were looking for and worked hard to find us a home that we wanted. Nicolas was one of these. But he stood out more than the rest. Way more than the rest. To such an extent that Nicha's and I, at the time, had a conversation about it. The conclusion was simple

- He was prepared - he knew about the property we visited - we got a pack! Detail that we liked. We felt valued.

- He had empathy - he respected our opinions without any hard sell. The first property wasn't us. He knew it and respected our opinion without question.

- He listened - he heard what we were looking for. Carefully. We felt he simply wanted to find us the right place for us.

- He put the time in - he went out of his way to help us in his personal time. We appreciate this.

To be frank, our experience with your company has been brilliant, thanks to Nicolas. No question. Nicolas found us our home that we love - not the location or where we thought we wanted. But we're done. Happy. Slam dunk.

Great job. Make sure you keep him.

Happy to endorse.

Paul and Nicha, Old Town - January 2017


Hi Andrew

Thank you for all your help in securing our rental property,  a joy to work with and spent time and effort in getting to know our exact requirements and preferences. Super responsive (fastest in the West!) and easy to deal with.

Thanks again.

Ivor, Arabian Ranches - January 2017


Hi Brooklyn,

Thanks so much for your email. I checked the make of the router and called them and i'm online!!! Woohoo. I'm actually at home emailing this. :) I cant thank you enough for helping me with this. I really appreciate your help. I had no idea how much I relied on the net for Netflix, whatsapp emailing and you have just made my life a million times easier.

Anyway, Thanks again. Delighted to be in my beautiful new home and now with connection to my family and friends.

Happy new year!

All the best

Amanda, Dubai Marina - January 2017


Hello Emma,

We just wanted to give you our feedback about our realtor Daniel. First of all, we are very happy we found the place we wanted. It was worth waiting for the landlord. We saw different apartments but nothing could compare to The Point in Dubai Marina. My wife says The Point is perfect place for us and she is right. It was Daniel's guidance and hard work that led us to this apartment.

Not only did he listen to our criteria, he was able to effectively make additional recommendations and filter properties based just upon our reactions during viewings. Daniel provides great service that gets the job done with the bonus of having a good sense of humor.

We are lucky to have found find him as our realtor here in Dubai and will highly recommend him at every opportunity.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Eva, Dubai Marina - December 2016


Dear Emma,

I would like to say how professional, enthusiastic and thorough Daniel Heywood was throughout the whole process of renting out our apartment in The Point Tower, Dubai Marina.

From the very first contact with Daniel he clearly explained the whole process. The viewings of the apartment were soon agreed and I flew to Dubai. He was very detailed and diligent in agreeing the points on the tenancy contract and ensuring everything was done in a courteous, timely and efficient manner.

He worked very closely with the prospective tenants and clearly communicated any points they raised and I was able to quickly respond. The whole process of securing a good tenant was effected in a very proficient and timely manner by Daniel.

Indeed, I have been very impressed by the way Allsopp & Allsopp have managed the whole process.

I have signed a Property Management Agreement and look forward to you protecting our asset and liaising with our tenants through Amy. Amy too has been exceedingly professional, helpful, courteous and nothing has been too much trouble to resolve in a very responsive and timely manner. Delighted Amy is looking after our apartment.

Kind Regards,

Andrew, Dubai Marina - December 2016

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