ACUBE: A new player in real estate for innovation and sustainability

ACUBE: A new player in real estate for innovation and sustainability

Wednesday 27 September 2023Wed 16 Feb
ACUBE: A new player in real estate for innovation and sustainability

While sustainability has been on the forefront of every development in Dubai, and innovation being incorporated in most government platforms, Dubai is set to witness a new player in the real estate sector for innovation and sustainability.

Say hello to ACUBE, a UAE-based construction-to-energy group, stepping into the game. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, ACUBE is all set to invest over $100 million in a series of residential projects over the next three years in Dubai.

Sustainability takes centre stage

What sets ACUBE apart from others is its strong commitment to sustainability?

The company boasts an in-house research and development team dedicated to crafting energy-efficient and waste management technologies that will make their debut in the city. These innovations include harnessing solar power by using special materials on the glass facades of buildings, an initiative poised to elevate Dubai's sustainability game.

Ramjee Iyer, Chairman and Managing Director of ACUBE, emphasised the company's unique approach. "Yes, there are already many players in Dubai's real estate sector, but there will always be space for more players considering the influx of people to the city, and the country, year after year, propelling demand for more and more residential spaces," he stated.

"We will plough our own path with our quality construction and technological innovations for spreading environment-friendly footprint across our real estate projects," he added.

A proven track record

While ACUBE may be new to Dubai's real estate landscape, it's no stranger to the world of property development. The company has already earned its stripes with successful residential projects in London and the Indian city of Chennai.

A strong pipeline of projects ahead…

ACUBE isn't wasting any time.

Their first residential project, Adhara Star, a 17-storey residential complex in Arjan, Dubai South, was launched last month. Another project is set to follow suit before the end of this year, bringing their total development plans for this year to around 270,000 square feet.

Looking ahead, the company aims to accelerate land acquisition efforts across Dubai and plans to develop one million square feet of Gross Floor Area (GFA) by 2025.

Initially focusing on residential projects, ACUBE intends to establish a strong presence before venturing into the commercial segment.

Innovative investment plans

ACUBE's innovative investment plan is already making waves. Dubbed "one percent per month for 60 months," it's resonating with buyers. The company has also introduced a unique payment structure where the remaining 40 percent of costs can be paid over an 18-month period, culminating in the possession of their apartments.

Financing for the projects will primarily come from internal accruals in the initial phase. The group will explore external capital-raising options only after establishing itself as a trusted and quality developer.

A rising star in Dubai’s property market

The Dubai property market is on a bullish run, with investors, both local and international, increasingly looking to acquire second and third properties. The combination of skyrocketing asset values and high rental yields is driving this trend. Furthermore, many tenants are opting to become property owners, further fueling the demand for residential real estate.

Dubai's comparative affordability, when stacked against global cities like London, New York, Singapore, or even Mumbai, is also drawing investors and homeowners alike.

As ACUBE enters the Dubai real estate scene with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, it's poised to make a significant impact on the city's property landscape. With a strong pipeline of projects and a unique investment approach, all eyes are on this new player as they redefine the future of real estate in Dubai.

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