How we created the best office in Dubai

How we created the best office in Dubai

Friday 21 June 2024Wed 16 Feb
How we created the best office in Dubai

On this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business, join CEO; Carl Allsopp alongside the minds behind Hortons Interiors; CEO, Abdelbasset Betraoui and Managing Director, Douglas Drummond to chat about the world of interiors and commercial real estate. Tune in to find out the driving factor behind every successful business in Dubai.

Let’s dive right into their chat!

The conversation begins with Carl introducing Abdelbasset and Douglas. Abdel shares their journey from painting villas in 2011 to leading a renowned fit-out company. Alongside him, Doug, Horton Interior’s Managing Director, with over two decades of experience in the industry, speaks on the significant changes in office design and functionality over the years, and how his experience has shaped him.

Jumping into - The evolution of office spaces

Carl chats with Doug and Abdel on how the pandemic has drastically transformed office spaces, whereas, pre-pandemic offices focused on individual workstations and closed offices.

Today, there's a shift towards creating social hubs where collaboration and comfort are key to employee wellbeing. Modern offices now feature diverse elements like breakout spaces, discussion booths, game areas, and even walking machines to promote activity and well-being among employees.

Doug adds to this by speaking on how offices need to cater to various working styles and preferences. From open spaces for extroverted employees to quiet areas for those who prefer one-on-one interactions, the goal is to create environments where everyone feels comfortable and productive.

The concept of "resi-mercial" is gaining traction, blending comfort with commercial functionality to make office spaces more inviting.

Carl and Doug continued to speak about the booming commercial fit-out market in Dubai - but of course, it is not without challenges.

Abdel speaks on the surge in demand for office space, coupled with logistical issues and material shortages, which has made project timelines and budgeting more complex. To this Abdel and Doug highlight the importance of building strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers to navigate these challenges effectively.

They discuss how Horton Interiors has managed to maintain high standards by maintaining key partnerships and ensuring timely payments to their partners.

What is the process of the fit-out project to completion?

Carl asks Abdel and Dough to explain how the process from the initial conversation to project completion works. Doug speaks on how the fit-out process is comprehensive and it begins with understanding the client's business, operations, and space requirements. After gathering this information, Horton Interiors creates test fits, floor plans, and initial designs, which are then refined based on client feedback.

This process involves detailed planning, multiple revisions, and meticulous coordination with various subcontractors to ensure the final outcome meets the client's vision.

Looking into future trends and market insights

Looking ahead, Abdel and Dough speak on the fit-out industry in Dubai and how it is set to continue its growth, with more emphasis on high-end, functional designs that cater to the evolving needs of businesses.

This trend towards making office spaces more homely and comfortable is likely to persist, driven by the need to attract employees back to the office post-pandemic. As Abdel and Doug point out - creating a desirable workspace is now a crucial aspect of business strategy, influencing productivity and employee satisfaction.

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