How can renting your property in Dubai generate higher returns?

How can renting your property in Dubai generate higher returns?

Tuesday 25 June 2024Wed 16 Feb
How can renting your property in Dubai generate higher returns?

Planning to invest in Dubai’s property market?

You might be wondering how you can generate the best potential return on investment, what the rental yields are like and how you can make the most out of your investment.

In a city like Dubai, there’s a positive answer to all those questions. But of course, rentals are a great source of yields! So, are you wondering where to go from here?

Sure, uploading your home to a property portal could be helpful but what if we were to tell you, we could get your property live and rented in just a matter of days with an incredible return on investment?

It’s possible - let us tell you why you should let your property with us and just how we can help you generate a stellar ROI on your property!

We are area-obsessed

Our talented agents are community experts and have years of experience in the rental market in specific areas and neighbourhoods.

They will introduce you to the whole process, and share different data-driven insights and market reports to give you an in-depth idea of the potential returns you could make on your property. Plus, our DataHub can show you all the new transactions in the market, showing you a real-time update on what you could earn in rentals.

That’s not all, our team all have a strong understanding of rental yields and can provide you with analysis that will help you understand how your community is performing week after week. Our team will also send you newsletters updating you on recent transactions in your area while providing you with free property valuations to give you an idea of what you can earn.

Additionally, as our agents are area-specific, they have a strong and established list of clientele and are able to get a list of potential tenants quickly who could be interested in renting your property.

This makes things 10x easier, and quicker with Allsopp & Allsopp.

We get all eyes on you!

Before your property is listed online, our agents will communicate with prospective tenants through our channels such as social media, phones, WhatsApp and email alerts and that’s not where we stop.

We also register hundreds of new tenants on a weekly basis and will often have a waitlist for new tenants looking to see the new market properties.

When it comes to advertising, we don’t hold back as we believe in maximising your property's online exposure with the right target audience. We’ll make sure to prominently feature it on all major property portals, appearing among the top search results such as Bayut, Dubizzle and Property Finder.

Our skilled digital team will focus on implementing effective SEO and PPC campaigns, by utilising relevant keywords and optimal spending to showcase your property to potential buyers.

Best part? We leverage social media to promote your property to targeted audiences through state-of-the-art video tours and photography, and our marketing team will ensure your property is displayed all throughout social media and emailing.

And when it comes to viewings, we'll provide expert advice on how best to present your property to potential tenants - Always a step further!

A stress-free zone

If you’re worried about the process of renting your property out, sorting out contracts, Ejari and utilities, fear not as our dedicated in-house home move team will go above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition for your tenants to move into your property, once the rental contracts have been signed.

We'll be readily available during this period to assist with the registration of Ejari and the setup of media and utilities!

We also have an experienced property management team that can take on the burden of handling any issues that could come up.

Foreign exchange deals and property management simplified!

If you’re based overseas and thinking about renting your property out, you might be pleased to know that we have a dedicated property management team and an in-house foreign currency team (IFX).

We’re here to provide you with exclusive rates to ensure you can get the most value when sending money abroad. We pride ourselves on our expertise and personalised approach, so you can trust us to make your international rental deals a breeze.

Mortgage investors can still rent! How?

If you’ve got a mortgage on your hands, and are wondering if you can still place your property on rent - the answer is yes, and quite easily!

With our in-house mortgage team on hand, it's quite easy to obtain a mortgage and place your property on rent.

Mortgage buyers can still place their properties on rent, provided they follow their mortgage agreement and local regulations. Since many mortgage lenders allow homeowners to rent out their properties, but it often requires notifying the lender and possibly gaining consent in advance - you can rest assured that our in-house team will sort the legalities out for you.

30% higher returns on your investment!

In 2023, our short-term rentals team noticed investors placing their properties on short-term rentals were generating up to 30% higher returns!

Wondering how?

It’s simple, with our Holiday Homes division at the job you can place your property on short-term rent and you can rest back and relax. With our in-house experts on the job, earning short-term rent is quite easy - with holiday homes regardless of where they are listed, there are no requirements to provide a 12-month written notice to your tenant as you have full control over your contract! You could extend or end the contract on your terms at your convenience, hassle-free.

If it's the flexibility you’re looking for, then sit back and relax as you have the freedom to rent your property for as long as you desire, without being stuck in a year-long contract.

As Dubai was recently voted the #1 destination by TripAdvisor, it is indeed a magnetic hub for tourists so short-term rentals could definitely be a good pick!

You can read more on short-term renting with us here.

Interested in a free valuation of your property?

Get in touch with our in-house team and understand your property’s market value!

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