Hey ChatGPT: How can I access my DEWA services through AI?

Hey ChatGPT: How can I access my DEWA services through AI?

Monday 10 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
Hey ChatGPT: How can I access my DEWA services through AI?

One of the hottest debates in the world right now - is artificial intelligence (AI) taking over the world?

Well whichever side you sit on, one things for certain. We can’t deny that some things these mysterious robots can do is pretty awesome, and can definitely go a long way in making everyday mundane tasks just that little bit easier!

So, it shouldn’t really come as news when we say you can now access The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) services 24/7 through ChatGPT!

Here’s everything we know:

What’s ChatGPT, you ask?

ChatGPT is an online artificial intelligence chatbot that allows you to have human-like conversations. Simply put, it’s trained to follow an instruction and provide a detailed response.

DEWA, is the first utility company globally and in the UAE that has now incorporated ChatGPT into their servers!

How does it work?

If you’re already familiar with ChatGPT, the functionality is pretty much standard. Whatever your request may be, from utility payments to customer support queries, an active chatbot will always be present to answer any questions or services - 24/7.

It also uses personalised recommendations for customers based on their usage patterns and preferences.

I mean how many times have you found yourself explaining the same query again and again with no help? Well we can kiss goodbye to those days as ChatGPT holds a memory of each and every conversation.

It also provides 11 procedural services, such as EasyPay and Dewa Store, helping customers track their activation or deactivation requests for electricity, enquire about jobs or gain general information.

What’s more?

DEWA became the first government entity to introduce a virtual AI employee called ‘Rammas’ back in 2017.

Now, with the integration of ChatGPT and Rammas we'll no doubt be feeling as if we are communicating with a (human) customer service agent!

Scary or incredible? You decide!

Rammas is available on eight channels for customer service. These include DEWA’s smart app which is on iOS and Android, on their website and social media platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and WhatsApp Business.

And if you’re new to the city, then here’s how you can register for DEWA in your new home!

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