Paul Kelly

Meet Paul Kelly, our Operations Director. Paul first had a taste for real estate at a very young age when he used to accompany his mother on her Saturday job as an agent in the UK.

However, Paul went on to study Law at Sheffield Hallam University where he completed his degree before travelling to Australia. Whilst there he spent one-year doing agricultural work and planted more than 86,000 trees. It was only on his return that Paul started his real estate career in 2007 with a leading agency in the UK.

He started his Allsopp & Allsopp journey when he moved to Dubai in 2011. He brought with him a vast background in real estate from his previous managerial role in a prestigious company in Cheshire. Paul’s tenacious work ethic and positive attitude saw him lead Allsopp & Allsopp into what was then a new area; Victory Heights. Paul successfully built the foundations for the company’s future success in that area.

In 2012, through hard work and determination, Paul was appointed Senior Sales Consultant of Allsopp & Allsopp. Still looking to expand the business, Paul saw great potential in a then new and upcoming area; Jumeirah Golf Estates alongside his colleague and childhood friend; Darren Murphy. They worked together building relationships with clients and gaining continuous referrals to put the Allsopp & Allsopp stamp on another area in Dubai.

As a result of this triumph Paul was promoted to Associate Director of Allsopp & Allsopp in 2014 and due to his determination, loyalty towards the company and motivated attitude saw him further promoted to Operations Director in 2016, his career highlight. With this role, he implements new structures and processes to enhance and streamline the business.

Paul enjoys overseeing all of Allsopp & Allsopp’s departments as he feels it is an imperative part of his role to be well connected within every team and to guide them to reach the mission and overall goal of the company. Paul believes that Building relationships with potential partners is paramount for business development and creating new revenue opportunities, a part of his job that he enjoys the most.

Allsopp & Allsopp Team Criteria

What do we want from our team? It’s simple really - we want 100%!

Expecting a lot from the people that work for us not only drives and develops our team, but also ensures everyone is on the same road towards success. We come to work to earn money, to enhance our lives and with that we want people who are determined, outgoing, focused and driven.

Personality is key to success in our business. Our clients want to work with people they can build a relationship with, who they trust and ultimately, who they want to do business with.

Our Ethos

It’s all about our clients! Providing a great experience to clients not only makes us feel good, but our brand strengthens and reaches more people through means of recommendation, which, in turn grows our business. Through our high-quality customer service, we learn to adapt to all kinds of client needs and develop as individuals whilst compiling new skills.

Work is such a large part of our lives - being happy, motivated and surrounded by other like-minded people means that working with Allsopp & Allsopp is enjoyable and rewarding!

We also like to have fun! Top achievers within the team are rewarded regularly and fairly.

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