Advice for Tenants

Here's some help navigating through, what can be, a tricky rental process. We hope you find these tips helpful!

Our Fees

 % of Transaction
Deposit 5%
Deposit on Furnished Unit 10%
Home Move Service AED 1,500

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Your Questions Answered

5% of the annual rent and 10% of the annual rent if furnished.

Yes, Ejari registration and Dewa connection and deposits.

Ejari means my rent, and this is registered in Al Manara center for a fee of 220 AED the documents you will need for this:

  • Signed tenancy contract
  • Title deed
  • Owners passport, Visa, Emirates ID
  • Tenants original Emirates ID

Register Via Allsopp & Allsopp Home Move Service. There is a deposit of AED 2135.50 for apartments and AED 4135 for villas.

You must have a ‘visa in process’ letter and allow enough time so you will have it in hand as well as your Emirates ID before the contract starts to register your Ejari. Please note; if your application for the visa is unsuccessful you risk losing your deposit and agency fee.

The tenant pays the broker 5% of the total rental amount, subject to a minimum fee of AED 5,000.

On a standard contract it is 2 months’ notice with a 2-month penalty although some contracts can vary.

Yes, the tenant gets the automatic right to renew the tenancy contract at the end of the agreed period.

Not to the main first part of the contract, however we can add your wife to the addendum as an occupant.

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