Manage My Property

Advertising and Leasing of your Property

We use Allsopp & Allsopp branded To Let Boards to make sure that clients are aware that we represent your property, these are located prominently for maximum exposure where possible; to promote your property which generates maximum tenant enquiries for your investment.

We do extensive advertising on the internet. As well as our own comprehensive website we advertise on the four main websites in Dubai giving your property the full coverage it deserves. We take more photos of your property so that perspective tenants see more of your property leading to higher inquiry rates. We have Leasing Agents who are specialists in set areas within Dubai to make sure that they are experts in their field, this means they are able to lease out your property quicker as they know their area inside and out.

Tenant Selection

We are lucky in Dubai that we have great residents but we also have a great legal system if things go wrong! This is very rare but if anything does happen, all documents are linked to the tenant's Passport and Visa and if the tenancy is via Company, then the Company Trade Licence document, Company's signatories Passport and Visa are also required. All rents are paid in advance by pre-paid cheque/s or is agreed with the landlord for any other payments such as Bank Transfer.

Extra Service

  • Set up and close DEWA accounts for tenants to make sure that no outstanding bills are left.
  • Set up the Tenancy agreement for you with Ejari to ensure that the tenancy complies with regulations.
  • We can act as Power of Attorney for you if you do not live in Dubai which means that we can sign Tenancy Agreements on your behalf and make life easier for you.
  • Hold keys for the property during the tenancy to enable full access at all times in case of Emergency or for viewings and inspections when the tenants aren't able to be in for.
  • Assist with Initial Insurance Advice to make sure that your home or property is looked after in case of Emergency or damage.
  • Assist with furnishing options and pre-tenancy cleaning, painting and garden maintenance.
  • Offer Inventory service to make sure that your property is left in the same way it was left in...and more importantly, the same contents!!
  • We conduct regular property inspections on your property to make sure not only that the property is being well kept but that there are no signs of any early damage which could reduce future expense to you.
  • Our property managers will look after the property on your behalf and carry out day-to-day repairs set-out within the inclusive management agreement. They will also inform you of any major works that require your authority or changes to the property that the tenant wishes to make to your property which require your authority.
  • We use every opportunity including inspections, garden care, tenant contacts and routine maintenance to be in contact with you as we understand the importance of keeping you informed of the condition of your investment property.
  • We not only do an Inventory for your property but we also inspect the properties regularly to make sure that we can report any issues that need our attention and any issues to report that you need to see.



Allsopp & Allsopp have a strategic partnership with Logic Urban Living, part of the Pure Logic Group, providing reliable maintenance to companies, organisations and homes since 2009. In order to ensure the best possible service, we have a dedicated maintenance team to exclusively serve Allsopp & Allsopp’s managed property portfolio.

Anyone taking a full management contract for their property (or property portfolio) with Allsopp & Allsopp will now get a free Annual Maintenance Contract for the duration of their agreement with us. That free annual maintenance contract – fulfilled by the experts at Logic Urban Living - includes A/C, electrical and plumbing servicing, minor carpentry and masonry repair, pest control and water tank cleaning, as well as a one-hour emergency response time for properties within Dubai.

Rental Payments

It is very common for tenants to pay all of their money in advance for the year, however, many landlords are also happy to accept more cheques or bank transfers in order to compete within the market.

We will have all of the rental cheques made into our name unless requested otherwise to make sure that we can bank them on your behalf and then transfer the amount directly to you. We pay directly to your nominated bank account when the next rental cheque or payment is due which means no more annoying trips to the bank to deposit your rental cheques and worry free if you are an overseas landlord.

Rental Reports

We can send out a financial statement for each rental payment if required but we will notify you of any payment transactions via email to keep you informed of any transactions that are on their way to you.


As your managing agents, we will hold all deposits on your behalf so that we can return it to the tenant or withhold it if deductions are to be made after the check-out.

Your tenants will feel more at ease knowing where there money is and who to ask at the end of the tenancy.

We will close down all DEWA accounts for the tenant and will not release any deposit until all payments have been cleared relating to their account and we have proof it has been paid and closed in full.

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