Calling Miss, Ms and Mrs - you may be the next property investor!

There is no such thing as a typical landlord, say Coventry estate agents Allsopp & Allsopp, and the outdated image of Rigsby from the Rising Damp sitcom should be banished for good. Today's landlords are from all walks of life and backgrounds, and many of them are female.
Calling Miss, Ms and Mrs - you may be the next property investor!

In fact, the website recently ran a feature highlighting why women make great property investors. The author of the article identified six main reasons why a female investor can make buy-to-let a successful exercise, as follows:-

1. Meticulous and diligent
Women are often more organised, budget-focused and careful with money, which suits the property investment business. If you like to plan, research and be diligent, then property investment may suit you.

2. Artistic and intuitive
Some houses and flats for sale in Coventry need vision when viewing them, and it is often a woman who can see the potential and visualise the end product. It is this intuition and ability to present a property beautifully that often wins over tenants and secures a higher rent.

3. Sociable and expressive
A softer side needn't be negative in buy-to-let. The power of empathy and being able to express oneself can work to an investors' advantage when they are dealing with tenants, agents, solicitors, and vendors.

4. Egoless and modest
Women hardly ever let ambition or prowess get in the way of good property investment and they are more likely to ask for help. By doing so, women are open to advice that can shape their investments for the better.

5. Conservative and pragmatic
Women are more likely to abide by the three Cs when it comes to property investment - control, caution, and conservativeness. They tend to eschew rash decisions and high-risk ventures in favour of a slow, steady and safe approach.

6. Multitasking
Property investment is a busy business - even if you are using the fully managed services of a Coventry estate agent. Being able to multitask is a great trait if you're juggling agents, solicitors, and lenders while searching properties for sale in Coventry in order to grow a portfolio.

Investing in property is a great way of providing for the long-term as well as possibly generating income on a monthly basis, comment Allsopp & Allsopp. Furthermore, the property is an investment strategy that almost all of us can understand - far more so than complex pensions or fast moving stocks and shares.

With interest rates held at its record low in January 2015 and changes to pension pots coming into effect in April this year, more lump sums of money will be in circulation, and there is healthy speculation that cash may be diverted towards properties for buy-to-let purposes. Women (and men) should contact Allsopp & Allsopp today for a selection of flats and houses for sale in Coventry that would make good investment purchases.

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