Top Tips for First-time Sellers

Allsopp & Allsopp's top 4 tips for first-time sellers

There are so much help and guidance on hand for first-time buyers that our Coventry estate agents have decided to redress the balance. What follows is a guide for first-time sellers - a property group that has been overlooked in a strengthening market.

Many homeowners living in their first property will have had thoughts about moving on. After all, the figures suggest that people move home every seven years. Count back seven years, however, and you will reach the peak of recession and thoughts of moving would have been put on the back burner for many.

First-time sellers - or second steppers, as they are also known - are now finding themselves in an encouraging property market. Conditions are in their favour - the stamp duty reform has shaved thousands of pounds off a mover's tax bill; the Government is continuing with its Help to Buy initiatives and low mortgage rates are making monthly repayments affordable. These positives work at both ends of the property chain - providing a steady stream of buyers for sellers, while encouraging more people to put their home on the market, giving purchasers more choice.

Many first-time sellers come to our Coventry estate agents because they have outgrown their first home. Some are looking to trade up from a flat to a house with a garden, while others need more bedrooms as they wish to start a family. They find themselves in the position of having to sell a property for the first time in order to buy a new one, so here is Allsopp & Allsopp's advice for anyone new to selling:-

  1. Sell first, buy after - once you have decided to move home, it's tempting to start looking at houses for sale in Coventry right away. Try to resist. It's wise to put your own home on the market first and, even better, have it under offer before you start viewing properties for sale in Coventry.

  2. Property presentation counts - cast your mind back to when you were viewings properties - those first impressions count. Have a thorough declutter, attend to any nagging DIY jobs and conduct a deep clean ahead of the estate agent's photographs and viewings.

  3. Leave a key with the selling agent - we are contacted on a daily basis by buyers wanting to view properties for sale in Coventry and many will want same day appointments. By leaving a spare key with the sales team, viewings can be conducted while you're away or at work - just make sure you leave the property clean and tidy.

  4. Prioritise what you want - it's typical to think all property transactions are motivated purely by money but that's not always the case. As a seller, think about what's important to you. Is it selling the property at the very highest price? It is being able to move as quickly as possible? Ask questions: how many people are in the chain: does your buyer need a mortgage; are they a cash buyer; do they have a property to sell?

If you are a first-time seller and would like selling advice from a leading Coventry estate agent, contact Allsopp & Allsopp today or request a valuation of your property directly on our website.

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