Guide to buying a property in Warwickshire and WestMidlands

It is so important to work with an estate agent you can trust and who will support you and guide you through the entire buying process.

Allsopp & Allsopp will become your house buying ally. Contact us and we will put you in touch with the most suitable agent for the area you are looking to buy a home.

Here is a simple step by step guide to buying a property in Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Step 1 – Get your finances in place.

If you are selling your property, it is advisable to get an accurate, up to date valuation from Allsopp & Allsopp where we will factor in location, condition, demand, your competition and recent comparable evidence. Take into consideration your income, any savings you wish to use and if appropriate, any cash you plan to use from the sale of your existing property.

Speak with your bank, and an independent mortgage advisor to ensure you have explored every avenue in securing the best mortgage product that suits you.

It is important to factor in the essential services and taxes involved in buying a property into your budget calculations. The most common include - stamp duty, conveyancing, searches, land registry and surveys.

Step 2 – Choose a list of essential property features.

Now you have a budget in mind, you can start to make a list of must-have property features such as the number of bedrooms required, the driving distance to a school or a workplace and what type of property you require.

Be prepared to compromise! It is very rare that a property will tick every box so, put this list in order of importance.

Our online search tools have made the process of finding property easier than ever, however you may not be aware that some of the best properties with desirable locations, price or size sell before they are listed on the larger property portals. We recommend registering with your local Allsopp & Allsopp branch to ensure you do not miss out on what you are looking for.

Step 3 - Viewings

Once your agent is up to date with your needs, it's time to get out there and see a range of properties so that you can get a grip on what your money will buy in your chosen area.

We advise you to view as as many properties as you can, however, if you find the perfect property early on in your search, don't delay if you like it. The probability is that someone else will like it as well and you may miss the opportunity.

Step 4 – Make an Offer

When you find a suitable property, consult your agent about how to proceed. An offer is about more than just money; you will be asked to provide details of:

- Your buying position
- Proposed timeframes
- Any inclusions (curtains, carpets, etc.,)
- How you propose to fund the purchase

The seller will expect us to obtain all of this information, as it will aid them in their decision-making

Step 5 – Sale Progression

The Allsopp & Allsopp in-house sales progression team will be with you every step of the way to ease you through the sale process and make it as seamless as possible. They coordinate between you as a buyer, the seller, conveyancers and other estate agents in the chain, with all the experience they have gathered over the years they are extremely proactive and know the process inside out.

Step 6 – Exchange of Contracts

The exchange of contracts is the legally binding part of the process. This is when you hand over a deposit - the normal sum or liability is 10% of the purchase price. Contracts are exchanged once you and the seller and your respective solicitors/conveyancers are satisfied that everything is in order. A date for completion is then agreed and from this point, both parties are legally bound to go through with the transaction.

Step 7 – Completion

This is the day the balance of the monies is transferred via the banking system and the day on which you will get the keys to the property you have bought. For most people this is the day that they physically move into the property with all their furniture and possessions.

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Your Questions Answered

If you know that you will need to take out a mortgage in order to buy your property, then it makes sense to seek financial advice at an early stage. Once you have provisionally arranged for the required mortgage funds to be made available to you, it is a good idea to obtain a mortgage certificate from the lender. This can then be used to prove to a seller or estate agent, that you have the necessary funds available to finance your purchase.

This is one of the most common questions. In truth, if you find a property and fall in love with it, chances are others have too, and it’s the party in the best position wins! Our advice would be to get your own property on the market whilst you’re looking for a property to buy, if you find a buyer and you haven’t found, your buyer will wait for you if they like your property enough, if they don’t wait, we’ll find another buyer, but by having a buyer waiting for you puts you in the best position possible for when you find that dream home. Book a property valuation now

To get the first refusal on new to market properties, Register with Allsopp & Allsopp or call your local office and register for email alerts and phone calls. As soon as a property comes on the market you’ll know about it first before it even hits the internet sites. Register now.

The length of time it takes to take buy a property varies and no two transactions are the same. There are certain factors that can speed up or delay the completion of a property purchase, but ordinarily, we would expect a straight forward transaction to complete within 8- 12 weeks of the purchase being agreed and solicitors being instructed.

A purchaser or seller should NEVER commit to delivery of goods, taking time off work, or a date for works at the property until the solicitor confirms the actual completion date.

Solicitors fees can vary significantly from firm to firm but most set their fee according to the value of the property being purchased. It’s important to get any quote in writing so you can see what exactly is covered. Outlays such as registration costs and stamp duty will be the same regardless of the solicitor you use.

Our sales progression team have solicitors who we work with on a regular basis, who we are happy to recommend.

Prior to the exchange of contracts, either party is able to withdraw from the transactions. However, once contracts have been exchanged, remedies for ‘breach of contract’ would be available for the suffering party. At this point, the seller would be able to keep your deposit.

A house sale or purchase becomes legally binding at the exchange of contracts. The solicitor for both parties will hold signed contracts – if either party fails to honour the obligations, this will constitute a breach of contract.

The date set for you to move into the property, known as ‘completion’, will be agreed with your seller during the sales process. This date is confirmed by the Solicitors. We recommend at least one week between exchange and completion, to give all parties time to pack etc.

Looking for Property Specifics?

We’ve filtered out our most popular property features to help you in your search. If you have a feature that is a must in your home such as a garden, for example, then take a look below to check out the properties we have available with gardens.