Property Management in Dubai

If you would like to take away the stresses and niggles of renting out your property in Dubai, then we have you covered. Our professional Property Management experts would like to take care of your investment and your tenant.


Property Management Services in Dubai

What is Property Management?
  • Property Management is a service given to owners to take away the stresses and niggles of managing their... Read More
What is the biggest benefit of Property Management?
  • PEACE OF MIND – Landlords can relax knowing that there is an Impartial Third Party looking after their... Read More
Are there different Property Management packages and what is the cost?
  • We offer 2 Services: Standard Package - 7% of rent subject to AED 7,000 minimum fee + VAT Premium Package -... Read More
Who typically has their property managed?
  • Landlords who are overseas or owners who wish not to have the stress of managing their investment on their... Read More
Is the service available 24hrs, 7 days a week?
  • The service is available 7 days a week and we can be contactable around the clock.
Under what circumstances will the landlord be contacted?
  • Landlords are contact for approvals for maintenance work or simply just to give an update on their investment. Read More
How many times will a property be inspected?
  • Dependent on the service you choose, it can be inspected up to three times in the duration of the tenancy... Read More
How many days’ notice will a landlord have to give a tenant to vacate the property?
  • If an owner wishes for a tenant to vacate their unit, they will have to give the tenant 365 days’ notice for... Read More
How does a landlord get a rental increase on a property?
  • As per RERA Law an owner can only get a rental increase on a unit if the RERA Calculator permits. This is... Read More
How important is an inventory?
  • An inventory is the most important part of the service as it is a professional report recording the... Read More
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Tenant Key Handover/Move-In & Move-Out
Rent Collection
Renewal of Tenancy Contract
Move-In Preparation & Inventory
Registering Ejari
Tenant Maintenance Management*
Financial Accounting
Dispute Mediatory Resolution & Handling of Bounced Cheques
Bi-Yearly Inspection
Power of Attorney Service*
*Please refer to our terms and conditions for complete reference of fees and charges 7% OF RENT
AED 7,000
AED 9,000

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We’ve filtered out our most popular property features to help you in your search. If you have a feature that is a must in your home such as a garden, for example, then take a look below to check out the properties we have available with gardens.