Could Mohammed Alabbar's next move be launching his own real estate fund?

Could Mohammed Alabbar's next move be launching his own real estate fund?

Thursday 28 September 2023Wed 16 Feb
Could Mohammed Alabbar's next move be launching his own real estate fund?

It's never too early for a bold prediction, and here's one to consider: Mohammed Alabbar, the renowned CEO of Emaar Properties, might soon launch his very own real estate fund.

Yes! With a track record of groundbreaking projects and a thriving real estate industry, the time could be ripe for this visionary developer to take this step.

But how?

Looking back to 1995, Mohammed Alabbar managed to raise a staggering $300 million for a real estate fund, even when he was relatively unknown in the real estate world. He then went on to become the CEO of Emaar, the company that would later become synonymous with Dubai's skyline. It hadn't even been launched at that point. Fast forward 28 years, and the landscape has dramatically changed.

Emaar has left an indelible mark on the real estate scene, with iconic developments such as Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. Mohammed Alabbar's other real estate giant, Eagle Hills, is also making waves in nine countries with projects like the $2.5 billion mega yacht development in Albania and the $3.5 billion Ramhan Island venture.

What hasn't changed is Mohammed Alabbar's decision not to launch another real estate fund. Given his involvement in international projects, particularly in Eastern Europe and Egypt, now could be the ideal moment to reconsider.

Here’s why!

Investors are eager to put their money into real estate, and with Mohammed Alabbar's track record, raising over $1 billion should be well within reach. Consider that Europe's real estate market is valued at a staggering $160 trillion and is expected to grow annually at 3.41 percent, approaching $190 trillion by 2028. In China, another region where Mohammed Alabbar is active, the market is now worth $130 trillion!

In Dubai, property prices have surged, with the average sales price reaching AED3,291,555 ($897,000) in August 2023, marking a year-over-year increase of 52 percent according to our Allsopp & Allsopp August Monthly Market Snapshot. The UAE's property market is thriving, but seasoned investors are eyeing international opportunities.

What's missing is an exciting new real estate fund, led by someone with a proven knack for picking winning projects, partners, and products. It's an opportunity for Mohammed Alabbar to create his own success story on a global scale, giving back to an industry that has rewarded him immensely.

In a recent interview, Mohammed Alabbar expressed his desire "to give something back to the industry that has given me so much." Could that "something" be his very own real estate fund? Only time will tell, but the prospect is undeniably intriguing.

Interesting isn’t it?

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