Reflecting on Ramadan 2020

This ramadan I have found myself reflecting on life much more. I am more grateful for what I have now, now that I am unable to enjoy what I previously did before Covid-19 safety restrictions were put in place. I realise how much I had taken for granted. Every Ramadan I am more aware of how lucky I am, but this year it seems this is heightened further as I am unable to spend time with my family and friends.

Muhammad Nabeel Head of IT

I have adapted to not going to the mosque quite well - better than i had expected. It was daunting to me to begin with because I loved the aspect of praying altogether during ramadan but every muslim is experiencing the same thing this year and we are all going through it together.

I read in an article that the Eid Al Fitr prayers which are held after fajr prayer or sunrise could be performed individually in homes without a sermon, should the situation not ease by then and this has given me some comfort. However, for those who live in the same house, they can pray together and I do miss this and wish at times that I could have been with my family.

Fasting at home some days is very different for me as I am usually busy at work but with the 30% capacity in offices, I am unable to go into the office everyday. This year, being at home more has made me more aware of the hunger - especially at the start of ramadan. I have managed this by studying the Quran, keeping in contact with my family and working from home. I have certainly kept myself busy.

The webinars organised by mosques and Islamic teaching organisations to seek spiritual guidance and study the Quran have been excellent and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. It’s great to see everyone make such changes to the way in which we celebrate ramadan to cater to the current circumstances we are in. I am lucky to be a part of such a caring community. To seek spiritual guidance and typically study the Quran during Ramadan I am able to join webinars organised by mosques and Islamic teaching organisations.

Ramadan 2020 has, of course, been different and challenging at times but a very welcomed lesson in how to adapt to unprecedented circumstances - a lesson I am grateful for. I was planning on surprising my family by flying to visit them to celebrate Eid but unfortunately this will not be possible. I am already looking forward to ramadan 2021 and will be sure to spend it with the people that mean the most.

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