What is the new visa and Emirates ID update for UAE residents?

What is the new visa and Emirates ID update for UAE residents?

Tuesday 08 August 2023Wed 16 Feb
What is the new visa and Emirates ID update for UAE residents?

Whether you’ve been around for a minute or have just moved into Dubai, you definitely would be familiar with an Emirates ID and how crucial it is for residents to have one.

And for those of you who don’t know - A Emirates ID is your form of identification, as a resident it is linked to your visa, employer, real estate purchase/tenancy, medical insurance, and more.

So, you might be wondering what the new update is all about…

The new Emirates ID update:

In a recent announcement by UAE’s Federal Authority of Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security, all residents of UAE have to have their Emirates ID replaced if there are any changes to their residence information.

The authority has also streamlined the process for residents to modify their Emirates ID card details via online platforms.

This initiative aims to enhance efficiency and convenience for customers seeking changes in their identification data.

How can UAE residents update their Emirates ID data online?

It's simple, just head on over to any of the user-friendly digital platforms, including their official website and smart application to update your data.

This includes changes in personal data, in professional titles, updates in passport information, and modifications in nationality following acquiring a new citizenship.

On the website or at the customer happiness centre, once you have selected the relevant service, you can input the required application details and proceed to make the necessary payments.

Before any process begins, a requirement of these documents is mandatory.

  • A coloured personal photograph
  • A copy of their passport
  • A sponsor’s signed data amendment request
  • Copies of both the front and back sides of the Emirates ID card

The application fee for this service totals AED200, comprising AED100 for smart services, AED50 for application processing, and AED50 for e-services and federal authority fees.

However, the authority said that incomplete or incorrect documentation will lead to application rejection within 30 days.

Similarly, applications returned thrice due to the same reasons will also face rejection. In case of rejection, only issuance fees and applicable financial guarantees will be refunded.

What’s the new visa update for UAE residents and tourists?

UAE’s Federal Authority of Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security has announced that all resident visa holders and tourist visa holders in the UAE would face fines if their visa expires.

These fines are for those overstaying on expired visas and would face fines of up to AED 50 per day.

The Digital Government has encouraged individuals to access information on the Authority’s website and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai’s (GDRFA) website.

These online platforms offer comprehensive details concerning visa service charges, encompassing expenses related to visa issuance, extension, and cancellation.

Want to know more on how you can extend your visa?

Take a read at our guide to visas in the UAE.

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