Hidden home maintenance: Overlooked areas that need your attention

Hidden home maintenance: Overlooked areas that need your attention

Thursday 02 November 2023Wed 16 Feb
Hidden home maintenance: Overlooked areas that need your attention

While living in Dubai comes with its perks, such as having your car fueled up from your garage to having an entire party venue blown up in your backyard, to having your home maintenance done on a schedule, it all comes with its own price!

Homeownership is a rewarding experience, but it also comes with responsibilities beyond regular cleaning and yard work. While we often focus on having things done through the click of an app, and having done visible maintenance tasks, there are still some hidden areas of your home that require attention to ensure everything runs smoothly and to prevent costly surprises down the road.

We know just the top areas that often get overlooked, that of course our Allsopp & Allsopp Home Maintenance team does not miss out on, but let us tell you what these top ones are!

Attic and roof

In case you have an attic, maintaining proper insulation in your attic is essential for energy efficiency.

This prevents heat from escaping in the winter and keeps your home cooler in the summer. Not just that but having an insulated attic also helps keep the attic away from moist, or insects.

Of course, don't forget to inspect your roof for damaged or missing shingles as well, as a well-maintained roof protects your home from water leaks.

Crawl spaces and basements

Crawl spaces and basements often fall into neglect. Because a majority of us don’t use those areas unless we have cars, or storage in those areas, we often oversee them.

To ensure they are well taken care of, you want to check for signs of water intrusion in the areas, as if left for too long can lead to mould growth and structural issues. We recommend properly insulating and ventilating these areas to maintain a dry, clean environment.

HVAC systems

Don’t know what HVAC is? It's your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. And these need regular maintenance or else you’ll not only have issues with them, but are likely to breathe in the dirt and debris they collect. Having frequent maintenance and not overlooking these can also help reduce your bills in the long run, as you won’t pay for repairs or higher electricity bills.

We suggest having your filters changed as recommended, clean ducts, and have a professional inspect and service your units annually to ensure they run efficiently.

Electrical wiring systems

Faulty electrical wiring can be dangerous, and also has been a leading cause for most house fires, short circuits and blackouts at homes.

Having these regularly inspected can avoid the overall risk of house fires. You want to have your home checked for exposed wires, damaged outlets, or flickering lights. And If you notice any of these issues, hire a qualified electrician to address them promptly, and quickly.

Water heater

Did you know that sediment buildup in your water heater can reduce its efficiency?

We recommend having proper home maintenance to have it drained occasionally to remove sediment and extend its lifespan.

Window seals

Damaged window seals can lead to drafts, higher energy bills, and moisture issues. We suggest having them replace or repair any damaged window seals to maintain energy efficiency, and reduce the energy bills at home.

Overall home exterior

We often forget that the exterior of our home also deserves the same amount of love we give to our interior. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home for signs of wear and tear. Look for peeling paint, damaged siding, or cracks in the brickwork. Address these issues promptly to prevent further damage.


If you have a fireplace, you might not know but they need routine cleaning and inspections to prevent fire hazards and ensure proper ventilation.

Hope this guide was helpful!

By addressing these often-overlooked areas, you can maintain your home's integrity, safety, and value. A well-cared-for home not only provides comfort and peace of mind but also saves you from costly repairs in the long run. Make hidden home maintenance a regular part of your homeowner's routine, and you'll enjoy your space for years to come.

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