Rove Home Downtown: Another slice of branded luxury living

Rove Home Downtown: Another slice of branded luxury living

Friday 24 November 2023Wed 16 Feb
Rove Home Downtown: Another slice of branded luxury living

If you aren’t familiarised with the fact that Dubai is now home to over 51 different branded residences and growing, then you might be living under a rock!

Because there’s yet another one on the horizon set to open its doors to Dubai’s residents, who are seeking the opulent, and ultra luxurious life that comes with branded residences. This one though, is indeed a special one, as it is a home grown brand that began as a boutique hotel group, and is now set to rock the world of residential real estate.

Rove Hotels, a prominent UAE-based hospitality brand, is stepping into the world of residential living with its latest venture, Rove Home Downtown, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Burj Khalifa district, neighbouring Dubai Mall and Dubai Opera.

We know everything there is about this newly announced project, and we’ve also got some sneak peeks into what the property could look like, so let’s jump right in..

Where contemporary and smart living come together!

Rove Home Downtown has announced fully-furnished studios, one-, and two-bedroom apartments adorned with luxurious finishes and state-of-the-art smart home features. The architectural designer behind tis project has been Archcorp, who have been joined by Studio Feel for an artistic touch.

Together, each detail is meticulously delivered to create a luxury haven for all residents.

A seamless blend of urban living and accessibility

Situated strategically, Rove Home Downtown doesn't just bring a modern living experience for residents but also the convenience of being right next to Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, DIFC, and Al Khail Road.

Travelling in and out of the area could not get easier, and who wouldn’t want to live in the centre of now?

A lifestyle upgrade with world class amenities

This residential gem is more than just your typical living spaces with a set of amenities. Branded living is so much more.

Picture unwinding by an infinity pool overlooking the city, engaging in co-working spaces with other residents, enjoying sports at the basketball and padel courts, or taking a jog on the dedicated track; it's an embodiment of a lifestyle upgrade. And add the perfect finishing touch - The Rove Café and a rooftop deck offering panoramic views of Burj Khalifa, while you kick back and enjoy a meal.

Sounds just about perfect, right?

A strategic partnership for the future - Rove X Irth

Rove Hotels for this project has joined forces with the real estate investment and development company IRTH. This partnership signifies a strategic move towards elevating lifestyle living experiences.

Not to mention, this is just the first of many yet to come for the real estate investment group and hotelier.

A glimpse into the future for Rove Hotels

While Rove Home Downtown marks Rove Hotels' debut in Dubai's residential landscape, it's only the beginning. Rove expresses its commitment to exploring various opportunities for future projects, ensuring that the Rove Home concept becomes synonymous with modern, comfortable living.

It isn't just a residence; it's an invitation to experience the ultra-luxurious way of life, blending modernity, comfort, and convenience in the heart of Dubai.

Opening 2026.

Take a sneak peek of the property:

rove-home-business-bay-dubai.jpg 11548.webp 3c8KBuKk-ROVE-HOME-DOWNTOWN-5-1200x546.jpg image0-jpeg.webp

Want to enquire further on Rove Homes Downtown Dubai?

Get in touch with our Head of Developer Sales; Fintan Flannelly.

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