The crème de la crème: The top five branded residences in Dubai

The crème de la crème: The top five branded residences in Dubai

Wednesday 03 April 2024Wed 16 Feb
The crème de la crème: The top five branded residences in Dubai

Ultra-luxury living is now the newest name for Dubai's property market, and branded residences are due all the credit for it!

It's just been a couple of months since the branded residence wave took over the UAE, and we’ve already lost count of the number of branded residences launched since. Not to mention, if there’s one thing the people of Dubai love, it’s luxury, glitz and glamour - especially in their homes.

So, if you’ve been thinking of hopping on the ‘brandwagon’ and planning to call ultra-luxury your new lifestyle - there are a ton of new and renowned branded residences to keep in mind!

Lucky for you - we’ve rounded up the top five to make things easier…

The Royal Atlantis


If Beyonce stays here, we all will too!

Sitting on the world’s favourite Palm Island, there’s something so special about this property. It is not just the 13 Michelin-star restaurants, or 360 waterfront views, but the ultra-luxury living standards, the unmatched architecture and of course, the amenities.

Prices on site are set to begin from AED 10 million and soar even higher - check out DataHub to see the recent and live transactions - here.

Atlantis the Palm


The OG, the sister property of The Royal Atlantis, is Atlantis the Palm.

Designed to create an underwater experience, this property opened its doors 15 years ago in 2009, setting and creating some serious waves in the branded residence market - and there’s no wonder why.

Picture living underwater, similar to the Lost City of Atlantis - what a vibe.

Prices start at AED 7.5 million and up - and we’ve got a list of all the recent transactions on DataHub!

Palazzo Versace


Old is definitely gold, when it's Versace!

One of Dubai’s favourite branded residences has got to be Palazzo Versace, from its charming gold accents to extravagant living standards - living here is nothing less than a dream!

We all know just how hard it can be to own Versace, but owning a Versace apartment - that’s next level!

Property prices start at AED 2.6 million, and there are quite a few that are on sale currently - check out our live listings!

Armani Residences


Another classic fashion house turned residential, but can you really beat living in the centre of Downtown within the Burj Khalifa?

The reign of branded residences began with the Armani Residences in 2009 in Dubai, and as always they set a standard. Featuring 144 homes, with two suites - it’s something out of the extraordinary.

Can you guess property prices here?

Well, you can confirm your guess here on our DataHub when checking the recent transactions.

Bulgari Residences


When you think of Bulgari, you don’t think anything short of elegance.

Just like the brand, the residences also boast a wide range of luxurious standards, that scream elegance. And no, this isn’t any tower - there’s branded apartments, and then there is a set of branded mansions - Yes, mansions!

Plus the new Bulgari Lighthouse Tower - set to launch 2026 has quickly become the talk of the town in the real estate space, already being the most expensive property sold in Dubai worth AED 420 million!

But don’t worry, not all of them are this expensive. Properties here start at AED 10 million, soaring as high as AED 155 million - you could check them out here.

So, what’s your pick?

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