Say hello to Project36 - Our newest office!

Say hello to Project36 - Our newest office!

Wednesday 03 April 2024Wed 16 Feb
Say hello to Project36 - Our newest office!

In case you missed it, this week we opened our newest office on the 36th floor in Motor City - a.k.a. Project36.

After a long 12-months of planning, designing, and executing - our 36th floor office is finally ready, and for those of you who might have not checked it out yet - we’re here to share all the new and exciting things within this space!

Featuring a co.hub atrium in the centre of the office for collaborations, huddles, and an overall gather space, a salon for the ladies, an upgraded barber shop, an in-house coffee space, gaming arena, podcast studio, phone booths, standing desks with walking pads, and a running track spanning throughout the office space - for those of us who like to get our steps in!

Check the space out!

DSC02512.jpg DSC02523.jpg DSC02639.jpg DSC02749.jpg DSC02750.jpg DSC02671.jpg DSC02756.jpg DSC02573.jpg DSC02632.jpg DSC02696.jpg DSC02560.jpg DSC02758.jpg DSC02676.jpg DSC02763.jpg DSC02567.jpg DSC02532.jpg DSC02737.jpg

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