How can you invest in Dubai’s property market with AED 500?

How can you invest in Dubai’s property market with AED 500?

Friday 05 April 2024Wed 16 Feb
How can you invest in Dubai’s property market with AED 500?

Dubai’s property market has been creating some serious waves in recent years, attracting investors from across the world, with ROI’s shooting as high as the stars - you might be thinking of investing in the property market too.

But the idea of paying millions or being locked into a mortgage can be scary.

What if we said you could invest in Dubai’s property market with just AED 500? Or $136? You’d be thinking about where to sign up - and this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business is going to cover just that!

This week, join our CEO, Carl Allsopp alongside the CEO of Stake; Rami Tabbara to talk all things real estate investments in Dubai. Uncover how you can invest in Dubai's property market with just AED 500, and how Stake is set to reshape the investment landscape for real estate in Dubai.

Let’s dive into their conversation…

What is Stake?

Carl introduces Rami, the CEO of Stake to talk about how anyone from anywhere in the world can start investing in Dubai property, and why now is the best time to start.

Rami shares how Stake is a digital real estate investment platform that allows investors to access Dubai's real estate market with a minimum investment starting at AED 500 (approximately $136). With Stake, gone are the days of hefty down payments and complicated paperwork. In just three minutes, users can invest in properties across popular areas like Downtown, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah - and investors can invest from all over the world.

Rami elaborates on the seamless process of investing through the Stake app, and how it offers transparency, accessibility, and affordability as the core principles driving the platform's success.

Carl asks Rami to share the key features and benefits of Stake, and how investors can use it:

Starting with the key features, investors can expect:

  1. Fractional ownership - Stake gives investors the opportunity to own a percentage of high-value properties, eliminating the need for substantial capital typically associated with real estate investment - so you can invest with just AED 500 as a starter and build it up.

  2. Transparency - Stake provides all investors with full transparency regarding property selection, rental income, and capital appreciation. The platform handles property management, tenant relations, and maintenance, offering a hassle-free investment experience - now that’s something!

  3. You can expect a recurring rental income - Investors receive monthly rental income directly deposited into their Stake wallet, without requiring a consistent investment. So, even if you have invested AED 500 into Stake, the rental income will come to your wallet on a monthly basis.

  4. A higher potential for capital appreciation - In addition to rental income, investors can also benefit from potential capital appreciation as the property they have invested in increases in value over time.

  5. You can diversify your portfolio with minimum risk - Stake allows investors to diversify their portfolios by allocating funds across multiple properties, reducing concentration risk and enhancing long-term financial stability.

What is Stake’s revenue model?

Rami then jumps into Stake's revenue model, which comes from fees charged to sellers for listing properties on the platform, as well as upfront and annual management fees for investors. Despite the seemingly low fees, Stake's scalable technology-driven approach ensures profitability while delivering exceptional value to investors and property owners alike.

What are Stake’s future plans and visions for expansion?

Carl asks Rami about Stake’s expansion plans, to which he shares how Stake aims to expand its footprint beyond Dubai, with plans to enter the burgeoning real estate market in Saudi Arabia. Rami also shares how they have leveraged technology and strategic partnerships to become the largest private landlord in Dubai and replicated its success in other dynamic markets worldwide.

Want to know more about Stake?

Tune into our episode on Taking Care of Business to unlock more insights!

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