7 Essentials for Move-In Day!

7 Essentials for Move-In Day!

Tuesday 03 August 2021Wed 16 Feb
7 Essentials for Move-In Day!
  1. Clean Bedding

Have your bedding ready washed and in a bag that you can grab at the end of the day. Nice clean, comforting bedding will help you settle into your new home and will help you feel familiar with your surroundings.
The last thing you want when the move-in day fatigue hits is to figure out where the clean bedding is!

Allsopp Content 7 Essentials Needed for Move In Day

  1. Snacks!

At the top of the essential list are snacks and bottled water! A move-in day is hectic, exciting and stressful all at the same time and food and water become an afterthought! Having water in abundance will be a life saver. Take into consideration the amount of people involved in your move throughout the day and make sure you have more than enough water for everyone. Popping to the shops mid-move really can disrupt your flow and is an added ‘to-do’ for your list.

Grab and go snacks are ideal for the day. Think of foods you can eat standing up, give you energy and are easily disposed of afterwards. It may be a good idea to make up a little picnic for the occasion. Some sandwiches, fruit, crisps, sweets – basically anything you don’t require any cutlery or crockery to consume.

  1. Cleaning Products

Your new home will most likely have been cleaned before you move in, but I can assure you, you’ll want to give it a once over once things are in their place and the inevitable cardboard box dust begins to settle.

The musts: 

  • Hoover
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Toilet brush
  • Furniture polish
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Cloths, cloths and more cloths
  • Toilet Roll
  1. An overnight bag

An overnight bag may seem a bit strange considering you’ve moved all of your belongings over to your new home, but it makes life a lot easier after a busy day to know exactly where your toothbrush and pajamas are if you haven’t managed to unpack the boxes upon boxes of clothes.

 5. Scented Candle

After the movers have left and you finally feel like you can put your feet up having a relaxing candle glow of your favorite scent can really make you feel at home.
It can also be used to eliminate any unfamiliar smells such as paint and cardboard boxes and, of course, all the cleaning you have most probably just completed!

  1. Phone Charger

The last thing you need on move-in day is to run out of battery! Your phone will have a busy day ahead and will be used to liaise with moving companies, housemates and friends who are helping out and perhaps the building or community managers to arrange formalities on the day.

  1. Portable Speaker

Make move-in day fun and play music whilst you work! Although your new home may be filled with lots of people, each having their own individual job - the day can become very tedious. Make sure you lighten the mood with some upbeat tunes.

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