Seabeats Real Estate to launch AED 7 billion worth of ultra-luxury properties in Dubai

Seabeats Real Estate to launch AED 7 billion worth of ultra-luxury properties in Dubai

Monday 08 July 2024Wed 16 Feb
Seabeats Real Estate to launch AED 7 billion worth of ultra-luxury properties in Dubai

Dubai's off-plan market is currently at its peak, inching higher and higher with the number of new launches in the market.

What’s new this time around? Dubai-based real estate developers; Seabeats Real Estate is set to make significant strides in the property market with their ambitious plans. Aiming for an AED 7 billion investment earmarked for ultra-luxury residential and hospitality projects, Seabeats is going to cater to the growing demand for high-end properties among global investors.

What’s upcoming, you might ask? We’ve got all the details you need…

Seabeats expands into the ultra-luxury real estate market

Seabeats Real Estate is an extension of the popular Seabeats Dubai fine-dining brand and is now set to enter the real estate market with an exceptional vision for ultra-luxury living.

The company has plans to develop some of the most luxurious properties in the region, from targeting wealthy investors from around the world to bringing the world of ultra-luxury living and convenience to residents’ doorsteps - they’ve got their tracks set in stone.

Abhishek Sharma - the Founder and CEO of Seabeats also shared his thoughts on the importance of marketing these high-end properties to the right audience, and how he would like to target wealthy migrants looking for an affordable yet unparalleled luxury living experience in Dubai.

Property prices are ranging from $1 million to $80 million, bringing in the stretch of affordability and luxury under the same roof.

What are Seabeats’ innovative marketing strategies?

In order to attract the right set of global investors, Seabeats plans to implement a high-profile marketing strategy.

This includes showcasing their projects at the Monte Carlo property expo and hosting exclusive networking events in celebrity clubs across Dubai, Europe, the UK, and the US. Plus, Seabeats will host multiple roadshows in major cities worldwide, and offer buyers incentives such as the chance to win a free house in Dubai and Golden Visas.

Looking into - Key projects on the horizon for Seabeats in the Middle East

For upcoming residential properties, we can expect:

1. The Heart of Europe in Dubai Islands

  • Seabeats in The Heart of Europe will be collaborating with Binghatti Developers to bring a project aimed at offering ultra-luxury residences with premium amenities.

2. Binghatti Hills

  • Another high-end residential development in collaboration with Binghatti for Seabeats is Binghatti Hills in Dubai. This is set to attract elite buyers with its luxurious offerings and is expected to have an affordable payment plan.

3. Nikki Beach Residences in Yiti Sustainable City, Muscat

  • Extending beyond Dubai, this project in Oman aims to create a sustainable and luxurious resort-like residence.

What hospitality projects can we expect from Seabeats?

1. Radisson in Damac Hills

  • Seabeats are the great minds behind the premium hospitality venture in Damac Hills in collaboration with Radisson.

Other projects coming in Dubai and Oman

Seabeats' portfolio also includes several high-profile projects both in Dubai and internationally that are coming soon:

1. Gotti Hills and GG Venice in Dubai

  • In collaboration with a Venice-based engineering firm, these projects will create a unique Venice-like style residential community with luxurious amenities at a stone’s throw away.

2. Downtown Development in Al Kabir, Central Muscat

  • Seabeat’s is creating a massive development in Central Muscat, which aims to accommodate 20,000 residents, creating a mini-community with a series of interconnected towers surrounded by a park, and lush greenery.

3. Sustainable City project

In partnership with AGG Group, Seabeats is also developing a Sustainable City project, which will house an equestrian centre, multiple green areas, and will be built on sustainable concepts such as solar and wind energy.

This sustainable community will provide free electricity for residents and feature a solar-panel air-conditioned arena for horses, even in extreme temperatures.

Now, isn’t that impressive?

Thinking about checking out Seabeats’ incredible offerings? You can drop our off-plan experts a line to know more.

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