7 indoor activities to do in Quarantine

7 indoor activities to do in Quarantine

Wednesday 22 April 2020Wed 16 Feb
7 indoor activities to do in Quarantine

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A jigsaw is the perfect stay indoor puzzle where everyone can get involved. The only small issue with a jigsaw puzzle is the space it requires and the length of time it takes to complete! If you have a coffee table big enough, then hurray! The floor is always an option if there's no pets or small children wandering around.

Board Games

There is no better time to take a break from the digital world we live in today and throw in some old school fun, clear the dining table and get that dusty board game out the cupboard. It’s a novelty, and great interactive fun for all the family but be prepared to see everyones competitive side!


TikTok videos are a huge favourite for everyone at the moment and what better way to get creative and have some fun than to dress yourself up, get silly with your family or learn some new dance moves!

Story Time with @themothershipdxb

For the parents out there, Helen Farmer, instagram blogger and host of Afternoons with Helen on Dubai Eye 103.8 is conducting story time on her Instagram TV with her 2 young girls. Get comfortable on your sofa, snuggle up and let Helen do all the hard work.

PE with Joe Wicks

Another one for the kids - Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach is producing P.E with Joe Monday - Friday 12pm Dubai time on his YouTube channel - The Body Coach TV. Joe is full of energy and keeps the kids engaged and helps them burn off a little energy - hallelujah!

Dog Activities

For a lot of us, we are stuck indoors with our four legged friends who have lots of energy to burn! We need to keep them active and Dog Tags Training have some great activities to occupy your fur child's mind over on their Instagram. They also have Lockdown Training Sessions - packages can be found on their website.


We’re sure you’ve heard of this already but if you haven’t, Zoom allows you to make video calls online with multiple people at once. Call your loved ones at home for free or get creative and do a quiz call with all your friends!

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