Make Your House a Home

Make Your House a Home

Sunday 17 May 2020Wed 16 Feb
Make Your House a Home

Moving into an empty shell can either feel one of two ways; exciting or daunting! Exciting if you are the creative type who loves a bit of interior design, but daunting if you don’t have a clue where things should go, what goes with what and if you are on a bit of a budget.

We’ve put this little guide together to give you a bit of inspiration!


Make Your House a Home 1
Plants can really give your house a real homely feel and bring a bit of life to a room. If real plants seem like too much work, some of the fake plants available now are great quality and you’d never know the difference.

Your Favourite colours!

Make Your House a Home 2
To make your home feel like YOUR home don’t be afraid to splash a colour around if that's what you like. Get creative with decorative items in your favourite colour or paint a wall or even a full room!

Dress Your Floor

Make Your House a Home 3
In Dubai, apartments and villas are mostly made up of tiled flooring - it gets hot out here and it makes sense, but pull a room together with a lovely rug and voila - it’s a home!

Love the Unloved

Make Your House a Home 4
We all have those little areas at home that have been left completely bare - the wall in the loo, the hallway or the landing. Get some pictures on walls, add a plant or a mirror or even a little chair with a throw.

That Home Smell

Make Your House a Home 5
Candles and incense sticks are an essential part of making your house a home! Go shopping and test all the different smells and pick your favourite. Candles don’t only give off a lovely smell, but also give a room a warm glow making it so peaceful.

Spruce the Sofa

Make Your House a Home 6
You can completely transform a sofa to look more inviting and certainly add a lot more detail to a room. Get some cushions in all different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours and add in some throws too. You will not be able to resist diving in once you walk through the front door.

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