5 things a real estate agent does behind the scenes

5 things a real estate agent does behind the scenes

Wednesday 24 February 2021Wed 16 Feb
5 things a real estate agent does behind the scenes

Your real estate broker will keep you in the loop with everything that you need to know in regards to your property search or the sale of your property. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and aspects of the job that have taken years to perfect. With a well seasoned real estate broker you are in great hands and can expect them to do the following:

5 things a real estate agent does behind the scenes Main

Planning involves analysing the local real estate market to set the right list price. You, the seller, may have a list price in mind but your broker will be able to provide you with evidence of a list price that will be appropriate for your community and get you the best price for you. Planning also involves making your home presentable for marketing purposes and arranging the photos, 360 tours and virtual tours to make sure your home is seen in the best light. Brokers also need to plan a marketing strategy to ensure they spark the interest of potential buyers. In addition, your broker will plan and schedule in viewing with clients to meet the needs of all parties and ensure they are conducted safely and in a timely manner. You can bet that they will be armed with face masks and hand sanitizer for everyone involved. 

Determine the buyers ability to buy

Your broker will thoroughly inspect a potential buyer before bringing them to view your home. They will make sure the buyers' needs meet yours and that your property would be a good fit for them before wasting everyone's time. They will also have discussions with the buyer to ensure they have the funds available to buy your home. If they are buying with finance, your broker will ensure there is a pre-approval in place. They will also make sure the timelines match. If you need to be in your home for another few months, they will ensure any potential buyers are aware of this before bringing them to view. The buyer may fall in love with the house, make a great offer only to back out when they discover the timeline you have in place and this will leave everyone disappointed. 


A real estate broker or sales progressor has got your back and they know well in advance when your buyer's pre-approval ends and when home valuations need to take place to avoid any delays.  They will also be keeping your timelines in mind and make sure these marry with the progression of the sale. 


Your broker will handle all negotiations between you and the buyer. Keeping your list price in mind and what you need in order to sell your home, along with the community market data and comparable sold prices, they will not sell you short. They will make you aware of any offers that have been made and keep you up to date with any advances, however, they won’t be bothering you with any buyer interest which is a very long way off what you require.  

Know that your Realtor will be diligently working behind your back to make sure all the pieces to the puzzle are falling nicely into place and all parties to the transaction are doing what is required of them


Your broker will draft all contracts and go over these with a fine tooth comb so you understand and are happy with the clauses. They will make sure you are covered and retrieve a deposit from the buyer. All this will be in hand and you can be kept stress free through the process. Whilst drafting the contract your agent can add clauses to suit your particular situation; this will be done behind your back so everything is in place so time is saved from going back and forth. 

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