Dubai’s Remote Working Visa for Foreigners

Dubai’s Remote Working Visa for Foreigners

Monday 22 March 2021Wed 16 Feb
Dubai’s Remote Working Visa for Foreigners

Lewis Allsopp, CEO, shares his opinion on the remote working visa introduced by the UAE government and what this means for the Dubai real estate market. 

The new remote working visa allowing expats to work remotely in Dubai and still work for their employers in their home country will encourage more professionals to the emirate who could potentially see themselves living and working in Dubai but are not ready to take the risk. The initiative gives overseas residents the opportunity to trial Dubai without the risk of leaving a secure job in their home country. Overseas remote workers will be searching for properties to reside in for themselves and potentially their family too - so investors looking to buy a property to lease will benefit from this in 2021 and beyond. I see now as the time for both end-users and investors to buy property in Dubai and look to reap the benefits over the next few years.

With the new laws proposed by the UAE government, Dubai is becoming more of a place to call home long-term and grow a family. The UAE is constantly creating an environment that is inclusive of all cultures which makes it a great place to live and work, but also buy property. The UAE is in the top 10 most influential countries in the world, further emphasising its position globally as a place where people want to be to grow their businesses and families.

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