Jodannah Collier - Lets Get Real

Jodannah Collier - Lets Get Real

Sunday 28 March 2021Wed 16 Feb
Jodannah Collier - Lets Get Real

Why did you move to Dubai?

I moved to Dubai five years ago because I wanted a new experience. It hadn’t really entered my mind as a place to go until I saw a job advertisement for cabin crew for one of the world’s biggest airlines. I had been teaching in Wales and although I loved my job, I wanted to experience a different culture and lifestyle.

I was cabin crew for four years which was a great experience and an incredible way to see the world. I became very comfortable in the job and felt as though I needed to shake things up a bit as I didn’t see much opportunity for progression after the pandemic hit in 2020. I also had a partner in Dubai and I felt it was time to keep my feet on the ground in one place long term. Leaving cabin crew life was difficult to begin with but I’ve never looked back since. I would say leaving has opened up many more opportunities.

What was your first impression of Dubai?

Amazing, I loved it! And I still have the same feelings now, five years on. It felt like home straight away and I knew I would want to stay here forever. I’ve actually never been homesick - I know a lot of people have waves of missing home but I’m just so happy here that I haven’t experienced that.

What made you choose real estate?

I know it may seem like I would have wanted to go back into teaching because that was what I did back home and what I’m trained in but there was a reason I left that role in the first place and I don’t want to go backwards. I’d much rather learn something new.

A real estate agent job is very active and I needed that after coming from a cabin crew role. I don’t think I could have gone into a standard office job - real estate agents are based in an office but also have opportunities to go and meet clients, get to know their area and conduct viewings. There are so many elements to the job that I found suited me.

I have the kind of personality that I speak to anyone and I think that's a very important attribute to a real estate agent. My mum is an estate agent back home and she does really well. She thoroughly enjoys her job and is very good at it and we have such similar personalities.

How did you feel about a commission only job?

It really didn’t bother me. I know if I work hard, I will earn good money. The earnings are uncapped and that, to me, is so exciting! The opportunities are there to make great money and seven months into this role, I am earning a lot more than what I was as cabin crew.

What was your first impression of the company?

Allsopp & Allsopp is a big name in Dubai and I feel much more comfortable working with a reputable, well known company. Coming from one of the best airlines in the world, I couldn’t have gone into a role in a company that didn’t have such a bold presence in the market.

There is such a great vibe in the office. Everyone is full of energy and because I am such a chatty person, I love the environment. I feel like a lot of the people in the office have the same personality and it’s really comforting - you want to work in a positive place where people can bounce off each other - that is Allsopp & Allsopp.

When I first interviewed for the role, I met with the HR Director, Jo Parker and we hit it off straight away. I got on with her so well and already felt like I fitted in. For my second interview I met with Kameron Hutchinson, Head of Recruitment and got the exact same vibe from him. I couldn’t wait to get started after these interviews because I knew it was the right place for me.

How did you adapt to a sales role?

I did struggle in the beginning because it was like nothing I’d ever done before but it never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I learned along the way and the support was great from training and from Rich, the leasing manager. I learn from doing the job so the more I did on my own, the easier it became and I got used to it.

It’s great to have a good team around you as well. We all get on so well and it makes such a difference.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I think, in the beginning, it’s hard to keep motivated when you’re not necessarily seeing results. I don’t think I even got excited about my first deal. It felt like such a mammoth task to get it over the line and I couldn’t believe I’d have to go through that again to get another one. Now, it is completely different. Once you learn all the processes and get more confident, the mammoth task you went through in the beginning doesn’t seem mammoth at all - it gets so much easier.

The long hours is also a challenge. I obviously used to work long hours being cabin crew but it feels different because I have normal sleep hours now. Managing my time has become second nature whereas before I would be here, there and everywhere. Again, it’s a learning experience.

What has been your biggest achievement?

100% reaching my target and seeing all the hard work paying off. It is all so worth it when you have the chance to earn as much money as you can. I would never do a salaried job after experiencing the highs of a commission job.

It is also so great to see others in the company doing well, it gives so much motivation and I have become very money driven now because I can see the opportunities that come with the job - it excites me!

How do you overcome a bad day at work?

Everyone has a bad day from time to time but you have to remain positive. You definitely get more good days than bad days in this job. It really all comes down to your personality and your attitude. You have to stay motivated - it's easy to let a bad conversation shape your whole day so you have to have a thick skin and dust it off. If you don’t, you’ll miss opportunities from dwelling on one small problem for too long.

When you lose a deal - it is what it is. Of course it's annoying but you have to get over it. I don’t let myself get excited about a deal until it's on the board - that way, I can’t get disheartened.

3 Tips for someone looking to make the move

  • Just do it!
  • Do it even just for the experience
  • Think of the sunshine...
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