Reasons to upsize your home

Reasons to upsize your home

Wednesday 14 April 2021Wed 16 Feb
Reasons to upsize your home

You need more space
If your wardrobes are overflowing, you’re renting offsite storage lockers, you’re sharing your bedroom with the baby and shipping your parents off to a hotel when they visit. More space could just change your life and make you so much more comfortable. 

Working from home
If working from home is becoming more of a permanent fixture, having a dedicated home office can dramatically improve your productivity (and your posture). Being hunched over your laptop on your couch or sitting on the hard seats at the dining table get old very fast and can leave you with aches and pains - not to mention the feeling of cabin fever!

Accommodating family members
When you have more room in your home, you have more space for more family! So if you have another baby on the way and with your dogs, the cat and the visits from family and friends an extra bedroom (or five!) would be a real bonus!

If you’ve been given a pay rise or perhaps come into some money, upsizing your home could have some real benefits! You could move to a nicer community, have a larger kitchen and garden which are great features when it comes to reselling. With bigger properties comes more storage and who doesn’t want more storage space to declutter!  

Starting a new phase of life
Are your college-aged students starting online classes at home? If so, this is a new season of life that will require extra quiet space, as well as additional places to set up and study. While it can be difficult to focus in a small home, a larger spot will have more rooms and a greater number of places to retreat.

Perhaps you’ve just gotten married - you’ll need some extra space for your wedding gifts alone! But in all seriousness, having more space as a newly married couple can do wonders for your relationship! Even having a spare bedroom that can be used as a secret laundry room to keep the rest of the house nice and clean you get away with letting that ironing pile grow as you get used to having double the washing load!

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