Organise your Home in the New Year

Organise your Home in the New Year

Friday 14 January 2022Wed 16 Feb
Organise your Home in the New Year

The new year is a beautiful time to organise your home. Decluttering items with practical storage solutions and organisation systems will make your house delightful and spacious. Check out these tips to get things started.

Let go of the items you don't need

Purging items is the first stage in any organisation plan. Begin with one room at a time. Only keep essential items that bring you joy.

If you are unsure about letting items go, place them in a box to test whether you still need them. Then, if you don't miss the items after several weeks, donate to someone in need. 

Any organising effort is better than none at all.

Don't get discouraged in managing everything. Think of organising each room as each project. Then, it will start to feel more manageable.

Organising is a process that doesn't end within a day. It takes time.

Customize storage space

Checking your go-to storage shop can be fun, but unique storage options create a more pleasing surrounding. 

To save more money, make use of readily available and affordable resources. For example, you can make a DIY storage solution or alter secondhand pieces to fit your desired interior style.

Use containers like jars, bins, buckets and baskets

Once you have finished getting rid of all your unwanted items, you need to store your favourites and essentials. 

Storage like buckets and baskets create a visual impact in the interior by adding texture and colour. They are also beneficial for storing toys, blankets, etc. 

Storing dry goods using jars in the kitchen makes open shelving more attractive. In addition, it makes it easier to monitor available ingredients.

Maximize your space

Vertical solutions are essential to maximizing space in your tiny home. There are multiple clever design hacks for making small rooms feel more extensive and pleasing.

Utilizing vertical space in different parts of the room attracts attention and creates a sense of balance. For example, a hanging plant makes a visual impact instead of placing it on the floor.

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