A Day in the Life of…

A Day in the Life of…

Sunday 14 January 2018Wed 16 Feb
A Day in the Life of…
Sales Agent Thomas Pashby

Thomas Pashbycropped 7:00 AM

I wake up and enjoy breakfast and a coffee on my balcony while catching up on sports news. I also read messages from family and friends in the UK that came through overnight.

Quick shower, put my suit on and jump in the car to get to the office.

8:00 AM

I like to get into work early, so that I can read the local news before the office starts filling up. I take a look at several local business and news sites to see the latest real-estate stories and also to understand what is happening in the region outside of real estate.

8:30 AM

I have a brief morning meeting with my team to discuss the previous day’s activity in the area which we cover – Emirates Living. We talk over all viewings and offers, as well as any new buyers or sellers that we have registered to see what opportunities we can put together for our clients. We’re also planning for our new office opening in the new Springs Mall at the moment.

9:00 AM

I call the clients from the viewings that I did the previous day for their feedback, which I then pass onto the sellers. I then work on offers I receive from these phone calls, along with any other offers that I have ongoing at the time.

10:00 AM

I make sure that all new clients that I have spoken with are registered on our CRM, so that they can get the latest property news and listings from my colleagues and myself. I also arrange viewings with them.

11:00 AM

I review all of my listings and make sure that all of our newly registered buyers are aware of them. I book viewings with them.

12:00 PM

I have lunch close to the office in Bay Avenue, Business Bay, there are fantastic places to eat here! In the cooler months, I go for a walk outside with colleagues to get some fresh air.

1:00 PM

I concentrate on new business, this will involve speaking to any new sellers within the community to find the perfect property for my buyers.

2:30 PM

I’m usually out of the office by 2.30pm, at the latest and spend the afternoon with my clients showing them a good selection of properties in The Springs, Lakes, Meadows and Emirates Hills. During the afternoon, I pop in to meet my sellers to conduct market appraisals or simply to catch up with them and update them on the market.

6:30 PM

I drop into the community center to post my most recent ‘Sold in Your Area’ on the community notice boards, letting people know what transactions are happening in the local area. I pick up some food shopping for dinner.

7:30 PM

I get home and cook dinner. I regularly have friends over for dinner. If I’m not entertaining, I watch sports or a TV series. I also call friends and family back home in the evenings and see what is happening back in the UK.

10:00 PM

It’s time for bed.

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