Why go exclusive with one agent when selling your home?

Why go exclusive with one agent when selling your home?

Friday 30 September 2022Wed 16 Feb

Going exclusive with one agent from Allsopp & Allsopp to sell your property is a smart move! Here’s why:

Your property is most likely your largest asset and will probably hold some sentimental value to you. Choosing one agent you trust to sell or lease your home will ensure you get the most out of it and will reduce the stress and the back and forth with numerous real estate agents.

Our agents are experts in your community! They work in only your community to make sure they know what they are selling. You will get information straight from the real estate front line completely focused on your area and sometimes even your street!

Listing with the agent you trust will give buyers a true view of your property the way that you want them to see it. The property will be listed at a price you are happy with and have agreed on with the agent and there will be no confusion. Buyers will know your property is genuinely for sale and will know all the details about it that you want them to.

When listing your property for sale with one broker, that broker will have clear communication with you and will be happy to share the details and show it to their buyers without hesitation. They know they’re not wasting their time, your time and the buyers time!

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