A World-First PropTech Lands in Dubai - The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp

A World-First PropTech Lands in Dubai - The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp

Wednesday 16 October 2019Wed 16 Feb
A World-First PropTech Lands in Dubai - The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp
the platform by allsopp and allsopp details
Dubai’s leading real estate company enters the PropTech world allowing their clients to see the location of their agent on the way to a viewing with the Find My Agent feature.
The platform by Allsopp & Allsopp provides clients with a hub for all their property related details at their fingertips, from viewing feedback, offers and marketing information.
Buyers and tenants can make an offer on a property at any time of day without having to make a phone call, which will be automatically fed back to the seller or landlord.
Sellers and landlords can read feedback after their property has been viewed, straight from the person who has viewed it.

Dubai, October 2019: The Dubai real estate experts, Allsopp & Allsopp have taken a leap into the PropTech industry by creating world-first innovation with technology that will push the boundaries of the property market across the world.

The brand new PropTech includes the feature ‘Find My Agent’, this will allow clients to see where their dedicated estate agent is whilst they make their way to the viewing. The new technology will also allow the client to give feedback directly to the owner and make offers 24/7 at the click of a button.

Lewis Allsopp, Chief Executive Officer says “The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp is built around the lifestyles of this modern world we live in. Food delivery is easy, getting around is easy and now, real estate is easy.”

Carl Allsopp, Chief Operating Officer says “We are excited to bring the first phase of what we believe will change real estate as we know it. It is exciting to see our idea finally come to fruition after years of planning, investing and working round the clock.”

With technology moving into industries across the globe, Lewis Allsopp and Carl Allsopp knew it was time to modernise the real estate industry and simplify processes for their clients.

Lewis Allsopp explains “The world is developing and changing daily, but we felt that real estate was a few steps behind. People want quick simple methods to everything they do, and for us, it was time to build this into the industry.

The cities we live in are fast-paced, and it is so easy to let time run away from us. We all have to-do lists the length of our arm – we need reminders popping up on our smartphones of where we need to be and when."

The new Find My Agent feature is a revolutionary addition to the way people will view homes. The feature is aimed at eliminating the uncertainty of agents turning up on time and allowing clients to keep to their tight schedules.

Lewis Explains “We all want to have more control over our time and our daily activities. In today’s world you don’t wait in wonder for when your food or taxi will arrive, so why is it acceptable for you to wait for your estate agent?

Our tenants and buyers will be sent the property location and the live location of their agent on the way to the property with the Find My Agent feature. They will receive a notification when the agent is on their way, around the corner and outside the property. The client will have the option to make an offer or provide feedback once they have left the location of the property via a WhatsApp notification. These actions will be sent directly to the property owner.”

The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp will provide tenants and buyers with a hub for all the properties they have shown an interest in, the feedback on properties they have already viewed, and all the documents involved including the contract when a transaction is complete.

Carl continues “Being homeowners ourselves and buying properties both in the UK and in Dubai, we know the stresses and strains that can accompany this process. For us, our main aim is to simplify the steps and give more control to the client.”

Potential sellers and landlords will also benefit from the new service ValU, which allows the property owner to book a valuation online to suit their schedule. The ValU software is linked to the diary of the estate agents allowing the potential seller or landlord to select a date and time suitable to them.

As well as this, they will be able to see exactly what advances are happening with the sale or rental of their property in real-time with their account on The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp. Here, they will have access to all the feedback, offers, viewings and reports on their properties in one place ready for their perusal and action.

Carl Allsopp says “We want our clients to be in control of their real estate process. Our sellers and landlords will have all the activity on their property right there for them to view at their convenience. Feedback and offers from the viewer of their property will be sent directly to them adding an air of transparency to the entire process.”

Phase 2 of The Platform by Allsopp & Allsopp will bring even more new and advanced features.

Lewis concludes “This is only the beginning of our vision coming to light. Phase two is well and truly underway and we’re set to continue building new elements into the market as we move forward with the times. Everything will be for the convenience of our clients. We want to make the process easy, enjoyable and straightforward.”

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