Temperatures on the rise: Dubai’s summer sun is on its way!

Temperatures on the rise: Dubai’s summer sun is on its way!

Wednesday 08 February 2023Wed 16 Feb
Temperatures on the rise: Dubai’s summer sun is on its way!

That spell of chilly weather we’ve been experiencing for the last few months, could soon be over!

In the coming weeks, we can expect sunnier skies and warmer temperatures in the 30s to start creeping back in as the spring season is here in full bloom.


With that being said, January and February are known to be the wettest months in the Emirate, which means there could still be a chance for more showers in the coming weeks with breezy and foggy conditions.

As evening temperatures still drop to 20 degrees, now’s the time to get out into nature and make the most of the fresher air while we still can!

The northern and eastern areas of the region are the coolest, and so ideal for fun activities such as hiking, camping and dune buggying.


And if you’re looking for hidden gems to explore around the eastern region, take a look at our blog here!

Oh, incase you didn’t know, here are our top two interesting facts about Dubai’s weather.

Dubai undergoes micro-climate analysis

Dubai's innovative architecture considers weather, particularly wind, in building design. Tall structures, like the Burj Khalifa, undergo microclimate analysis for protection against weather damage. The design allows for smooth wind flow to prevent damage.

Dubai is the only region with nearly no rainfall

Dubai is one of the places with the lowest rainfall in the world. In Dubai, precipitation is low, resulting in sporadic rainfall that hardly lasts a week. Most of the rain occurs between January and March, with an average rainfall of 18mm.

Want to know more about Dubai’s weather? Read about it here!

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