Dubai Property Show in the UK

Dubai Property Show in the UK

Monday 23 February 2015Wed 16 Feb
Dubai Property Show in the UK
The Dubai Property Show, the first event of its kind in the UK, opened in London this February, organised by Sumansa Exhibitions. The show is set to attract visitors from a potential market of eight million Londoners as well as a range of investors from across the globe.

de2df791682f079f8397226a3ff38bc7 L Established in 2006, Sumansa Exhibitions have built their reputation as the creators of the acclaimed Indian Property Show as well as staging Dubai’s popular, ten day Ramadan Night Market, which has gone on to become one of the largest consumer events in Dubai. With 24 successful exhibitions behind them, the company is confident that their new show at London’s famous Olympia venue will attract a high level of interest.

The event aims to bring together property developers, real estate agents, architects, interior designers, hotel and hospitality companies, government departments and financial institutions under one roof: forging introductions to high net-worth individuals and investment companies with an interest in Dubai property. It promises visitors a “three hundred and sixty degree view of Dubai’s property market” that will convince them of its importance as an investment destination.

A Sumansa spokesman said: “Dubai has already attracted global attention and created an extensive investment opportunity for the world, much of which revolves around the hospitality and real estate industry. Now, the Dubai Property Show intends to ride on this wave, creating awareness about the real estate opportunities in Dubai and highlighting the benefits of investing in property.”

The Dubai Property Show will play host to over 120 different stands, with exhibitors pulling out all the stops to attract globally-minded investors from the UK and elsewhere. Over 2,000 serious property investors are expected to visit during the exhibition’s three-day run and Sumansa places a big emphasis on the show’s ability to access, as yet, untapped markets, describing London as “the natural meeting point for the world’s business networks.” As well as attracting buyers, it is also hoped that exhibitors will form valuable partnerships with finance houses who have the potential to invest in their future plans.

Luxury property prices in the Emirates are almost seven times lower than those in Britain and UK citizens invested a staggering AED 10.4 billion in the Dubai property market in 2013. It is expected that Dubai’s favourable tax regime – with no restrictions on the repatriation of funds - will encourage hundreds more UK and European investors to buy into Dubai.

If you’re in London this month and you haven’t visited the Dubai Property Show, you can still participate until the 1st of March.

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