Million-dollar marketing: What does it take to stay ahead in real estate?

Million-dollar marketing: What does it take to stay ahead in real estate?

Monday 06 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
Million-dollar marketing: What does it take to stay ahead in real estate?

As the Dubai real estate market continues to drive record results, what does it take to keep your brand ahead of the game?

Group CEO, Lewis and COO, Carl sit down to catch up with our Group Marketing Director, Kristian Valdini, to see if he had the answers!

Let’s swing right into it!

Ever wondered what the current trends are being set around the real estate market through marketing? And how has marketing enhanced Allsopp & Allsopp’s growth through the last 15 years?

Let’s learn about it.

Lewis Allsopp tells us that marketing should never be classified as a cost because investing in your brand’s presence will generate revenue for you.

How did you ask?

Whether you are on the newspaper's front page or popping up on someone’s Instagram feed, you are being seen. That is the goal, to keep on being seen by people until they start remembering you for all their property market needs. Hence, paid media advertising can often be a powerful tool for those looking to be discovered by their target audience.

You can start by hyper-targeting. For those of you aren’t aware, hyper-targeting is a marketing strategy that allows marketers to reach customers and deliver extremely customized messages right where they will most likely see them. No matter if your audience is a niche or very defined, you can target them across various channels.

But how do you do that without annoying them?

You create eye-catching media that people won’t forget easily by creating it for them. It's something they’ll remember because it was created specifically for them.

Over the last fifteen years of being in the business, marketing has evolved from print media ads and paying the newspapers for a feature to social media, public relations, and online media. Everything now is at your fingertips. Whether it's a video for a listing or a contract, everything is easily accessible.

Data Transparency: Kristian shares the importance of sharing data-driven insights so that our audience can make more informed decisions. He explains why maintaining transparency through social media with your audience can, in turn, make them trust you and choose you more frequently than not in such times.

Because when the time comes for investments, with such data at hand, they will trust Allsopp & Allsopp for their real estate needs. And that’s through marketing your data correctly.

Oh, and Kristian also tells us what it’s like having an in-house agency!

Kristian believes that when it comes to marketing and advertising, companies can take many different approaches and strategies. One of the key decisions is whether to work with an in-house agency or an external agency. And as someone with experience with both, he believes each approach has pros and cons.

Traditionally, when one works for external agencies, where the client would be Allsopp & Allsopp, and would have to wait for their requests and feedback before moving forward with any projects. The whole process could be slow and frustrating, especially when the agency is dealing with multiple clients at once.

But now, building an in-house agency, things are different. Allsopp & Allsopp has a dedicated team of 6 to 8 photo and video professionals, which means that if there’s a content idea, it can be done quickly and efficiently. From shooting to editing content on the same day, which means that it can get it out to market incredibly fast. It's almost scary how quickly in-house can move!

But here’s another question, in five years, where does marketing in real estate stand?

Kristian thinks the world would be a little bit different. In five years, you'll start to see the difference in how ads are served the minute everything's on phones and on computers. In five years' time, you're probably going to have different versions of AR or VR, or at least the very first version of some glasses or goggles where ads will probably be served to you on your face.

Now, before we call it an end, let’s recap some city updates!

Carl shares Dubai sees an $85.6 billion prop-tech boom, let’s hear more.

Dubai's real estate firms are increasingly exploring innovative investment opportunities as they look to tap into the promising $86.5 billion prop-tech market. Proptech companies have begun finding a strong foothold in the UAE's real estate sector, thanks to a supportive start-up ecosystem, government backing, and a growing demand for SMART solutions.

With its forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation, Dubai is becoming a hotbed for prop-tech innovation, with real estate companies keen to embrace the latest technologies and stay ahead of the curve in one of the world's most promising markets.

As such, we can expect to see more investment and innovation in this space in the months and years to come.

February has definitely been a record month, but on the last week of February, the city saw AED 10 billion in property sales transactions!

Dubai's real estate market continues to show impressive growth, with property transactions worth over AED 10 billion recorded by the Dubai Land Department this week. The figures reveal a total of 3,267 transactions, including a significant AED 1 billion mortgage in the desirable Palm Jumeirah area. In addition, 168 plots were sold for a total of AED 1.26 billion, while 2,230 apartments and villas changed hands for a combined value of AED 5.14 billion.

These impressive figures highlight the ongoing strength of the Dubai real estate market, as well as the continued demand for high-quality properties in the emirate. With such strong activity in the market, we can expect to see further growth and investment in the coming months and years.

Anyway, that’s pretty much for this week! But if you would like to know more about marketing in real estate, then tune in!

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