Katch up with Kash 13-03-2023

Katch up with Kash 13-03-2023

Monday 13 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
Katch up with Kash 13-03-2023

Happy Monday!

Welcome back to Katch up with Kash, where I stand in as your go-to guide through the city’s real estate market and beyond!

How did the property market look last week?

If you’ve been tuning in over the last couple of weeks, you’ll probably be able to guess this answer correctly.

Which community came up to the top with the highest number of transactions last week?

Drumroll please…

Yup, you guessed it right, for the fourth week running, Jumeirah Village Circle has come out on top with 413 transactions valuing at an impressive AED 319 million.

It looks like you lot just can’t get enough of everything JVC has to offer.

That’s not all, Dubai on a whole saw over 3,300 transactions last week! According to data from the Dubai Land Department, the city saw property sales transactions sky-rocketing to AED 13 billion.

March could well be on the way to overtaking February’s success!

Now, let’s hop into some city news!

If you’re tired of sitting in traffic for hours then you’ll be happy to hear this…

Dubai has announced a brand new AED 45 billion road improvement project aiming to reduce the average traffic congestion time from 104 to 16 minutes.

The Al Shindaga Corridor project will see phase 4 of improvements easing traffic across Bur Dubai and Deira serving up to 19,400 cars per hour.

Oh, and incase you missed it!

If you’ve got children or work in a school, this year’s Ramadan timings have been announced.

Schools have been given two options: those starting at 7:45 AM will end at 12:45 PM from Monday to Thursday and those starting at 8:00 AM will end at 1:00 PM from Monday to Thursday and both schools will end at 11:45 AM on Fridays.

Students fasting will be exempt from physical activities. And with spring break around the corner, kids are to get 14 days off in the middle of Ramadan.

I’ll be back on Friday. Until then, have a great week!

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