Want to live in Expo City? First phase residences get underway!

Want to live in Expo City? First phase residences get underway!

Thursday 16 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
Want to live in Expo City? First phase residences get underway!

You just had to be sat on a flight within a short distance of the UAE last year, to have heard about the Dubai World Expo.

From October to March last year, it was the place to be, bringing visitors from all around the world together - and making us all so proud to call Dubai our home!

Well if you thought you’d said your final goodbye - think again! As Expo City has launched their first phase of Expo Valley and Expo Central residences, which are part of the city’s 2040 master plan to drive sustainability.

Expo Valley

In the initial stage of this neighbourhood, we can expect a total of 165 units featuring five-bedroom independent villas, four-five-bedroom duets (semi-detached villas), and three-four-bedroom townhouses.

Oh and you’ll need to have a generous saving pot ready if you’re interested, as prices start at a rocking AED3.4m!

This community is all about eco-friendly living, utilising smart technology and sustainable materials. It even has its nature reserve, lake and wadi!

Well, what’s even more impressive is that this landscape will create its very own microclimate that not only cools down temperature but blocks out dust and noise.

Think of it as nature's own air conditioner and sound barrier!

Expo Central

The second neighbourhood, Expo Central, comes complete with three beautiful apartment clusters all with a unique design philosophy.

Mangrove Residences is the first phase to be released, where residents will enjoy stunning views of Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park.

The residence itself will be home to 450 luxury homes, consisting of one-to-three bedroom apartments, four-bedroom lofts and three-bedroom townhouses - with prices starting at AED1.2m.

What’s more? All properties in Expo Central will provide access to the podium gardens and sky terrace - perfect for anyone looking for tranquil outdoor living spaces. Ah so zen!

If that wasn’t enough, residents can also enjoy lush green park areas, multiple swimming pools and recreational spaces, fitness centres, shops and a section of restaurants and cafes. You name it - it’s covered.

In the near future, two additional clusters, Sky Residences and Sidr Residences are set to launch as further developments in this vibrant community.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be bringing you all the details!

Did you know we have a dedicated off-plan team? With off-plan developments being smoking hot across the city at the moment and totalling up to 62% of all sales so far in March. It’s a great time to learn more about what’s out there.

Get in touch with our Head of Developer Sales, Fintan Flannelly and if you’re looking for a green community around the city to call home, then take a look at our live listings.

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