How can you become a millionaire?

How can you become a millionaire?

Tuesday 21 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
How can you become a millionaire?

On this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business, CEO; Lewis Allsopp and COO; Carl Allsopp sit down with The Millionaire Maker; Kameron Hutchinson, who’s the Director of External Recruitment and Head of Internal Recruitment at Allsopp & Allsopp to discuss all things culture, work life and a career in real estate at Allsopp & Allsopp.

Just before jumping into culture; we are excited to announce that for the first time, Allsopp & Allsopp is going on tour to recruit the next set of millionaires!

So, let’s read what Kameron has to say about that…

Kameron explains that when he joined the company, the scale of employees was much smaller as many people hadn’t yet discovered the growth that comes from a career in real estate.

Now, that Dubai is the city everyone’s talking about, people are also looking for a tax-free income in a city that basically never sleeps!

The safest, cleanest, and most exciting city in the world. Imagine being a millionaire, selling stunning homes, and working alongside the giants of residential real estate. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Well, the great news is that Kameron is on his way to the UK, this weekend to scout for the next set of millionaires. Starting on the 20th at Birmingham next comes the 21st and 22nd at Manchester and of course concluding on the 23rd at Edinburgh. There’s no limit to who can work in real estate as several of our agents have come from non-corporate backgrounds. In fact, our top-performing agents include individuals who’ve worked at the Aldi, or have been electricians. Now, they sit on the millionaires' row.

And, if you’re considering it, then we’ve broken it down for you, and how you could sign up!

But what about company culture?

Allsopp & Allsopp, now celebrating our fifteenth year, when the company was first founded the culture was more around building a community of togetherness and experiencing a locker-room vibe, but as the team expands that changes. Now, the culture explores the freedom of being your own boss, you manage your own listings, and your own approach, and of course are constantly challenged as Lewis Allsopp believes that “if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not being pushed to your limits, and that means you’re not giving it your best shot”

Not just all, a diverse community, niche and communicative teams, and a designated in-house marketing team have definite;y strengthened the pillar for company culture as instead of working for oneself, you work together and grow together. And the best part? Commissions made from sales are split 50% between you and the company (steal?)

Growing curious? You can live the dream too with Allsopp & Allsopp’s company culture and work/life balance.

Tune in to hear all this and more on Kameron’s recruitment event, culture at Allsopp & Allsopp, and how you can become a millionaire on Taking Care of Business, every Friday!

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