What does a real estate career look like at Allsopp & Allsopp Group?

What does a real estate career look like at Allsopp & Allsopp Group?

Friday 24 March 2023Wed 16 Feb
What does a real estate career look like at Allsopp & Allsopp Group?

As the season of recruitment commences at the Allsopp & Allsopp HQ, if you haven’t dropped into our recruitment events yet, or better yet you have. You might be wondering how could you start a career in real estate, and how could your career progress with Allsopp & Allsopp?

If you’ve been thinking hard and fast about it, we’ve got a solution and we’re not biased but we can say Allsopp & Allsopp is possibly the best place to start.

Well, hang tight as our Director of Human Resources; Jo Parker is here to break it down into what a career within Allsopp & Allsopp could look like and better yet, where you could be in a few years…

Ready to dive in?

A healthy space for growth

As you begin your career with us, the first thing that you’d notice is flexibility. Yes, while everyone is often at their desks, there are several spots within the office that are built for working in private. Need to take a phone call? There are plenty of sound-proof booths around the office. Looking to play a game of FIFA to destress? Sit down at the gaming area and catch a game with the lads. Hungry for a quick bite or need that caffeine kick, work from our in-house tuck shop or coffee shop.

Oh, and how could we forget; an in-house barber and salon stylist is often available on call, so you look sharp for those viewings!

While we appreciate the time our agents spend working on cracking deals in the office, we’ve ensured to build a healthy space where one can flourish without the burden on their mental health.

And, if you ever need a friend to chat to, my door is always open!

What does progression within the company look like?

There’s nothing more we love than promoting people internally. As long as you see yourself as a hard-working team-player, nothing is impossible here. Be vocal about your progression to your senior management team, let us know where you’d like to see yourself in a few years and we’ll help you set KPIs and goals to achieve them in a neutral time-frame.

Work hard, play hard and surround yourself with positive people, and nothing is out of reach at the office. The team supports each other to grow by assisting on deals to cracking deals together. The talent, experience and knowledge we have across all departments are second to none and collectively we're a force to be reckoned with.

We enjoy organic growth and most importantly we enjoy seeing our team grow into the best versions of themselves, and eventually on the millionaires row!

How do we retain employees?

Over the last fifteen years, Allsopp & Allsopp has seen tremendous growth. What stands out is our team, the team of loyal warriors that just keeps growing and that always compels towards excellence and betterment.

Retention isn’t tough though, our agents have the freedom to learn and choose their path within the company. If you aren’t suited for a role, we are always there to assist you in finding the role that’s best suited for you within the group.Our wide range of departments work together to support one-another, and if you felt like another department was better suited to your growth, the flexbility is always on had. Be it mortgage services, property management, foreign currency exchange, short-term rentals, commercial properties, and home maintenance, we’ve got it al covered!

How do we support each other?

We listen and guide each other. Be it inside or outside work, there’s always a shoulder to rely on.

Need help cracking a deal or just moving houses? We are all there for one-another, just shout and we’ll be with you!

And it doesn't stop there; we know how hard it is being away from family and how important family time is, so if you've been missing your folks back home, we close for Christmas and New Year, giving our agent's a much-needed two-week break to spend with family and friends!

Where could you be in the next few years?

It comes as no surprise that a majority of our agents successfully see a sale within their first month of joining, but with hard-work, determination and a key interest for growth, there’s no boundaries to where you could end up!

Even on the millionaire’s row! Living the dream, exploring work and life in Dubai comes very easy with Allsopp & Allsopp.

How can you join us?

With expansion and growth at the forefront of our mind, we are always happy to hear from great people. So, if you think there could be a place for you within our company, get in touch today at recruitment@allsoppandallsopp.com

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