Katch up with Kash 03-04-2023

Katch up with Kash 03-04-2023

Monday 03 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
Katch up with Kash 03-04-2023

Happy Monday all - can you believe we’re in the month of April already!?

Well the Dubai property market has already kicked off to a great start and last week the city saw an incredible 3,035 sales transactions with a value of AED 10.7 billion.

Even better news?

Our Allsopp & Allsopp quarterly report is set to release in the coming week so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive industry insights.

Now, let’s get into some city updates!

In a bid to help further ease traffic congestion, the RTA has announced the opening of two new major bridges on the Falcon Interchange, easing traffic from Bur Dubai, Port Rashid and Deira.

These bridges will accommodate up to 27,000 vehicles per hour and will extend the flow of traffic up to 750 metres one way.

Don’t we just love to see helpful steps being put in place to make the city even more of an amazing place to live!

Next up, are you looking to get your golden visa sorted?

The UAE is now issuing 100,000 new golden visas to the world’s best programmers as the country strives to become a global tech hub.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to sort a golden visa out, tech is definitely one way to go!

That’s not all we’re shooting for, by 2031 the UAE has announced it’s aim to be a global leader in artificial intelligence across various different sectors.

That’s all from me but I’ll be back on Friday to catch you up on some weekend gems, so catch me on stories!

Until then, have a great week!

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