Break a sweat: Best fitness studios in Dubai Marina!

Break a sweat: Best fitness studios in Dubai Marina!

Wednesday 05 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
Break a sweat: Best fitness studios in Dubai Marina!

As the warmer season approaches, most of us in the city enjoy lazing by the beach and kicking back. And, Dubai Marina is definitely a top spot on the list many of us enjoy being at, whether it be walking on the dining on the waterfront promenade, sipping mai tai’s on a yacht or shopping in Dubai Marina Mall, it’s definitely a leisure hub for many residents!

But the community is also home for many fitness studios that are sure to get you sweating off those extra pounds while blazing to some banging tunes! So, are you thinking of shredding off that holiday weight to get summer ready?

Because we’ve rounded up the best fitness studios within the Dubai Marina community to hit, and if you’ve got a ClassPass then get those credits ready as all these studios are available!

So, let’s get right into it!

The Platform Studio

Are you looking for a high-energy boost or just to casually ride a bike to your own beat? Well, then The Platform is definitely here to offer a mixture of classes, from feeling the burn through pilates to relaxing every single muscle in yoga, they’ve got it all.

This boutique space has each session which is led by a world-class coach, selected for their expertise, energy and drive. And the best part, this spot doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and has over 200 classes a week to help you find your groove as per the way your body moves.

So, you can choose what class suits your vibe, any time of the day! Pop in for a pre or post work session or jump in just before a weekend brunch for that energy booster, it's conveniently located at the Park Island building on the waterfront promenade!

The studio’s operating hours are 6:30 AM to 8 PM daily, with classes starting at AED 105 for two sessions and this is for first-time visitors only. The studio’s other branches are in Dubai Hills, DIFC and Eden House.

11 Pilates

Searching for a core burner? Then head down to 11 Pilates for the ultimate body crunching workout that’s sure to leave you feeling energised and craving for more!

11 Pilates is a UK-based fully equipped reformer studio in Dubai Marina and has a variety of classes suited to each body type! Take their beginner class with Elle for an easy adaptable class that you can soothe into, or jump in for an advanced dynamic session with Jessica if you’re up for a challenge. Target each muscle group with their effective and fun exercises, and we promise you’ll see the results in just one class!

This spot is located at the Dusit Princess Residence beside the Grosvenor Hotel, so hop in before a lunch or smash in for an early morning session, timings are from 6 AM to 9 PM. Hurry though, as bookings fill up quite quickly with trials starting at AED 72 while a single class would round you up AED 145.


If you’d like to dryp in sweat after your workout while simultaneously feeling extremely zen, then this one is for you!

This is one of the hottest yoga studios in the city (quite literally) with their infrared technology that’s implemented into a range of hot yoga and hot fitness classes. Their mantra is to just help you feel your best, regardless of flexibility, age or fitness levels and I mean come on, can it get any better? Yes, it can as DRYP also provides Bikram yoga classes, the traditional way!

And if you’re looking for convenience, DRYP is located at Orra Marina Tower at the waterfront promenade where you can expect a free mat, a complimentary towel, enjoy a large shower/changing station and get free valet parking!

Classes run from 7:30 AM to 10 PM on weekdays while on weekends you can spring in earlier at 6 AM going till 8 PM! A single class could round you up AED 125.

Barry’s Bootcamp

A red room with an explosive class that’s sure to leave you sweating from your eyes? Yup, that’s Barry’s where you can not just expect but be assured to burn over a 1,000 calories in less than an hour!

Head down for a cardio and strength training combination which is not just effective but also fun. Blaze to the banging tunes as you smash those weight goals with an energetic pump broken into a set of rounds. For a body cruncher, take a total body class with Jay and if you’re looking to soothe your way in then do a full body with Chris, although we do recommend all beginners hop in 15 minutes prior for an induction session!

And, they have really good amenities too so if you’re driving don’t worry parking is free! Also, if you’re looking for a post-body energy booster then grab a smoothie or coffee from their bar! They’re located at the Trident Grand Mall on the promenade and in DIFC at Gate Avenue and operate from 5:30 AM till 9 PM. A single class could round you up AED 125!

Mojo Reformer Pilates

We’ve heard of food fusions but have you heard of training fusions? Mojo brings the two worlds of Pilates and Strength Training together and let’s just say they know how to achieve a dynamic full body workout without breaking one too many bones!

Get ready to be addicted as each class lasts 50 minutes and has several effective workouts that target each muscle group while opting for a holistic approach. Feel a slow and enjoyable burn as they take you on a fitness journey like no other and conclude every class with a delicious cold-pressed juice from their integrated juice and smoothie bar.

They are situated at the Concord Tower on the promenade and have several amenities such as showers and changing stations as well as lockers.

Timings for Mojo on weekdays are 6:30 AM to 9 PM and on weekends it runs from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM with a single class starting at AED 150 but if you book your first session online you can avail it for free! (steal)

KO8 Fitness

As a part of their international fitness brand, the company has now opened their newest venture in Marina which doesn’t just cater to influencers and pro athletes but you could be sure to spot some celebrities as well!

If you’re looking to quickly get into shape before the summer then hop on over for a unique functional body training session that explores strength circuits through classes such as; boxing, muay thai, kettlebells, mobility and recovery sessions!

Even better, they have fantastic coaches with sick playlists just getting you to groove to the beat and they have free parking too with a discount at their healthy bar! So, head down over to Dusit Princess Residences on the promenade for an energetic body burner!

The studio runs from 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM on weekdays while a sweat on the weekends would be from 7:45 AM to 11 AM. The first trial is free and can be booked online or in-person with classes ranging from different packages.

NRG Fitness

NRG is an award winning urban boutique fitness studio with one of the largest varieties of fitness classes under the same roof! You could enjoy group workouts with friends or get some personal training in for that extra injection of energy!

But, more than workout NRG focuses on people, connections, strength and community building so if you’re new to town or just looking to make some new buddies, this place is one for all! Their classes are highly focused on feeling good and finding the fun in movement through pushing your boundaries with strength training, testing muscle limits and easing into using your own body weight for strengthening.

They are located at the Marina Walk and have amenities such as showers, lockers, mats, towels and free parking. If you decide at the last minute to join a spinning class, they’ll provide you with bicycle shorts too! The studio runs from 6 AM to 9 PM and your first session is complimentary but after that a single class could cost you AED 115.


Aren’t we all tired of land workouts at gyms? Well then, Aquafit is here to switch up the game with their unique water based training system! Jump into the pool for a challenging yet fun cycling session where you could burn 800 or more calories in just 45 minutes! I mean come on…

The best part, they incorporate a variety of positions that target specific muscle groups through their motivational techniques and different speeds. Did you know, aquaspinning promotes strength and cardiovascular endurance at dual rates underwater?

The result? You achieve a healthy and fit-body hella fast! Head on down to Intercontinental Dubai Marina for stunning views and an aqua-fun experience from 8:15 AM to 8:30 PM daily. A single pass could round you AED 100 with their intro week offer which is valid for seven days could cost you AED 150.

James and Alex Dance Studio

No more shimmy-ing, it’s time to SALSA with James and Alex, who are two of Dubai’s most famous salsa stars!

They’ve got one of the largest student followings in the city and their studio is a place for those looking to let loose and jam to the beat. They have classes for all age groups, ranging from Zumba, ballet, contemporary, salsa, bachata, kizomba, street dance, hip hop, aerial yoga, flow yoga, and fit yoga!

The venue is also home to several leading dance companies and dance instructors based in Dubai, including kids’ musical theatre program Hayley’s Comet and a host of others offering various forms of dance taught at the highest levels. So, if you’re looking to get your groove on while burning a sweat or two, this is the spot to hit! They are located at the Concord Tower in Media City beside Arjaan Residences and classes run from 2 PM till 10 PM with a single class rounding you up AED 80.

Fit Squad DXB

Wanna be a part of the fittest squad in the city? Then hit up Fit Squad who will pop by anywhere you’d like to workout, be it home or the beach and they’ll plan a specialised workout suited to your body and your goals.

Their coaches are specialists in every field from resistance training to HIIT and even yoga, they’ve got you sorted! Whatever you aim is, the trainers will handpick the equipment suited to the workout and will provide you with all the guidance you need to hit that goal!

To join the squad, packages start at AED 1,300 for four classes and going up with timings differing based on your trainer.

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