UAE announces AED 1,000 banknote

UAE announces AED 1,000 banknote

Friday 07 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
UAE announces AED 1,000 banknote

Here’s everything we know…

If you’re living in the world of credit cards and crypto payments, you might be asking yourself who even uses cash anymore?

Well money makes the world go round, and in Dubai cash is still a popular payment method for many residents and tourists alike.

Earlier this week, the Central Bank of UAE released a first look into the newest AED 1,000 banknote, which is set to circulate into the market from April 10th onwards.

The first set of banknotes (AED 5 and AED 10) created with recyclable polymer material were released last year as a step towards sustainable growth and development.

More durable and sustainable than traditional cotton paper banknotes, they can last two or more times longer in circulation without being damaged! Cool right?

The beauty is in the detail

The aesthetic design of the new banknote is inspired by the original AED 1,000 note with a colour palette of brown and fluorescent blue, the UAE’s nation branding and intaglio-printed drawings and inscriptions.

The front of the banknote draws inspiration and commemorates the 2021 Emirates Mars Mission “Hope Probe” journey, with an image of the space shuttle and an astronaut security mark to celebrate the UAE’s first Emirati astronaut in space; Sultan Al Nayedi.

The front of the banknote also has a photograph of the Father of the Nation - the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, alongside a space shuttle which is inspired by his meeting with NASA pioneers in 1974.

On the back of the banknote, the illustrations of the Abu Dhabi’s Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant are there to celebrate the country’s energy diversification and carbon emissions reduction efforts.

Pretty cool right?

Fun fact: The new set of banknotes are made of polymer and are enhanced by advanced technical characteristics and security features which makes them x2.5 stronger than the old banknotes - making it almost impossible to tear! (don’t try this at home)

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