Has DP World uncovered the groundbreaking methods to accelerate medical recovery?

Has DP World uncovered the groundbreaking methods to accelerate medical recovery?

Friday 21 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
Has DP World uncovered the groundbreaking methods to accelerate medical recovery?

On this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business, CEO; Lewis Allsopp is joined by a special guest from DP World (former Dubai Ports) - The Chief Communications Officer; Daniel Van Otterdijk to discuss the fascinating world of speedy medical recovery, health in general, business and sponsorships!

Oh, and has DP World unveiled the secret to accelerated tissue recovery? Let’s find out!

Lewis and Daniel are at the AVIV Clinics at Jumeirah Lake Towers and are discussing Hyperbaric Chambers. This is a high-pressure chamber that pumps pressurised 100% oxygen levels into the human body and is built in the shape of an aircraft. No, you won’t be flying anywhere!

What are these chambers used for you, you may ask?

These chambers are used for healing damaged tissue, regeneration of stem cells and helps improve cerebral blood flow, brain metabolism, and brain microstructure. This leads to improved cognitive functions, physical functions, sleep, to name a few. AVIV sees patients with anything as long covid, patients with mobility traumas to athletes with injuries coming into hyperbaric chambers for an accelerated healing process.

While the air that we breathe in the world contains around 21% or less oxygen, these chambers are built to speed up medical recovery through exposing pressurised 100% oxygen into your body for a protocol that lasts 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis for up to 3 months.

Daniel shares that he was one of the first people to test this chamber and here’s his experience.

Although he was a bit sceptical, he explains that his experience was a multi-faceted one. Not only did he see his physical health improving, through weight loss, healthier body functions, more appetite and better sleep but he also witnessed a change in his mental health.

He shares that his ability to memorise, to analyse things, and his reaction speed had improved. This made a difference to his whole life as he felt much younger and stronger overall, mentally and physically.

AVIV Clinics have multiple chambers with 14 chairs each which by default builds a community. Daniel shares that as his clients are in the chamber for two hours daily, the importance of having a community to talk and share experiences with also makes a big impact on their medical recovery.

What is the level of medical recovery one can see in a hyperbaric chamber?

Daniel shares that AVIV Clinics welcomed a paraplegic patient into their hyperbaric chambers. What is paraplegia, you may be wondering? Paraplegia is the inability to move the lower parts of the body, this could include legs, toes and feet, it could sometimes also affect arm abilities. The most common cause of paraplegia can happen through injuries in the spinal cord, but can also be a side effect of other diseases. AVIV Clinics had a paraplegic patient who had suffered the loss of movement in their lower body, after being in the hyperbaric chamber, the patient began seeing mobility in the lower body and had seen an improved physical strength. Isn’t that fantastic?

Lewis asks; why are hyperbaric chambers not available in regular hospitals?

Daniel explains that hyperbaric chambers aren’t focused on just medical recovery or are a place for you if something is wrong. It's a technology created to help you sustain your strength and vitality, he shares that after fifty, often our bodies begin slowing down as we aren’t as quick paced or obtain the same recovery time as before. These chambers help recover tissue cells and help improve the quality of your life as you continue to age. Daniel further adds that many people wait to enjoy life after their retirement but cannot fully understand the meaning of the word enjoying as their bodies do not give them the agility to do so. He suggests that this is also why hyperbaric chambers can be helpful for those who want to lead a fit and healthy life at later ages.

Isn’t it a game changer? To have something like that which helps you enjoy your life to the fullest even toward the later stages.

How has medical recovery and general health performed in Dubai now?

Lewis shares that he has noticed the newer generations are being more conscious of the way they lead their lives and health overall, consistently focusing on bettering their medical health and recovery.

He also adds that Dubai has built an easy space for residents to access medical services. Comparatively to many other places in the world, Dubai is more accessible medically and has an array of doctors, latest technology, recovery centres and hospitals. Not only is it accessible, Dubai’s processes are much quicker too, seeing a doctor doesn’t entail a two hour wait but possibly just a twenty minute wait with successful results.

Dubai has also opened its doors to many medical tourists, based on its technology driven focus, they are miles ahead with medical systems and are providing high-level recovery programs. Lewis believes Dubai is set to become a leading city for medical tourism in the coming years as they are mainly privately operated medical centres with the best of what the world can offer.

Did you know DP World is also home to many sponsorships?

Daniel explains that DP World has several commercial partnerships, such as; Formula One, Unicef, McLaren and multiple sports teams. After being a logistics company, in the last five years the company has opened its origins to a multitude of industries and if you’d like to know more, tune into Taking Care of Business to hear the whole podcast!

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