Dubai meets Chinatown: Where to eat in Downtown Dubai

Dubai meets Chinatown: Where to eat in Downtown Dubai

Wednesday 26 April 2023Wed 16 Feb
Dubai meets Chinatown: Where to eat in Downtown Dubai

You might’ve heard that Dubai Mall is now home to an authentic asian experience - most commonly known as Chinatown!

Think giant pandas, Asian groceries, street food and a funky market style vibe. It’s time to get ready to eat your heart out!

Located in Dubai Mall’s newest extension in Downtown Dubai, the market sits beside the ice rink and is already home to several Asian eateries, with quite a few more on their way.

Chopsticks at the ready?


Okay, who doesn’t love a hot pot experience? Sitting with friends, perfecting your meat, and savouring those traditional spices and flavours - ahhh mouthwatering!

Well all that and more can be found at the newly opened Haidilao in Chinatown, Dubai Mall. Bringing its original flavours from Sichuan, this authentic Chinese hot pot experience is the largest food outlet in Dubai Mall.

Hadilao is directly accessible through Dubai Mall’s metro link or if you’re driving, you can park at P3 in cinema parking for easy access.

A meal for two will cost you around AED 150.


In case you didn’t know, the Chinese know how to brew tea, and if you’re looking to sip some artisan Chinese teas, then KOI THE is definitely the spot.

They have a wide selection of unique bubble teas too, so don’t forget to try their best selling Golden bubble milk tea when you’re there!

Golden Joy Express

You might recognise the name from their popular branch in Dubai International City and trust us, Golden Joy Express really knows how to create some mouthwatering Asian street food flavours.

Try their delicious dimsums, or take a bite into the crispy Peking duck or authentic Kung-Pao chicken!

Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan started his culinary tale about 30 years ago at a hawker stall and through his artistic street food bites caught the waves of fame which brought Hawker Chan to Chinatown!

If you’re looking for a humble street meal, full of authentic flavour and spices, then head on over to this award-winning joint for the ultimate Asian street food experience!

Don’t forget to indulge in their best-seller soya chicken or fun noodle dish, which is lathered in the tastiest spices.

Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Would you like to take a trip back 100 years to try the original recipe of the Lanzhou noodles?

Not only does this place have the original noodle recipe from 1919 but they also offer a range of spices to customise the dish so you can really make it your own.

With so many options, how can we choose!

Nine Squares

If you’re a lover of hot pot, we’re sure you know about Nine Square.

Think grab-and-go vibe, where you can choose from a variety of broths, including spicy and non-spicy options, and customise your meal with different ingredients. Slay!

Sushi Joy Express

A Japanese gem hidden in Chinatown you say? Count us in!

All aboard the Sushi Joy Express, for a delicious selection of freshly made classic nigiri and sashimi, or creative maki and nigiri rolls.

This budget-friendly sushi station is a staple try when visiting Chinatown for their variety of rolls and authentic preparation!

The list doesn’t just end here though!

I mean it kind of does but there are a range of restaurants that are yet to open up in Chinatown, so stay tuned to this space as we’ll keep updating our suggestions!

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for:

Bai Sui Wo Jia Suan Cai Yu

Dagu Rice Noodle

Family Dumping

Gao Xiao Shan Pie

Go Bou

Heyhong Bibimbap

Hong Kong Yuebei

Luckin Spring Chinese Pastry


The Braised Shop

Zheng Dong Dan Dan Noodle

Chinatown is open from 10am to midnight daily and is easily accessible from the metro link. For drivers, park up at P3 or P5 in cinema parking.

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