Fuel up: UAE raises petrol prices for May 2023

Fuel up: UAE raises petrol prices for May 2023

Tuesday 02 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
Fuel up: UAE raises petrol prices for May 2023

If you’re planning on hitting the roads today, you might find yourself a few pennies shorter than usual whilst filling up your tank.

Petrol prices for May 2023 have just been announced, with prices for fuel increasing from last month.

Starting from yesterday, May 1 2023, the petrol price of Super 98 has increased by Dhs3.01 per litre from last month to Dhs3.16 per litre.

If you’re after Special 95, you’ll now be paying Dhs3.05 per litre, up from Dhs2.90 in April.

Diesel driver? You’re in luck! Prices have dropped slightly to Dhs2.91 per litre.

Let’s take a look at how petrol prices have been looking since the start of the year for Super 98:

January: Dhs2.78 February: Dhs3.05 March: Dhs3.09 April: Dhs3.01 May: Dhs3.16

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Pretty cool right?

You can find your way around the Dubai metro by using our helpful map.

No petrol price blues over here!

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