Katch up with Kash 08-05-2023

Katch up with Kash 08-05-2023

Monday 08 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
Katch up with Kash 08-05-2023

Happy Monday and welcome back to Katch up with Kash!

If you’ve been keeping up on Instagram, you might’ve noticed I was on vacation for the last two weeks and so we had Sheena, our Head of Holiday Homes and James, our Developer Sales Consultant taking over our Dubai news segment.

Well I’m back, so without any further ado let’s jump right into it!

Last week, Dubai’s property market saw an incredible 3,050 property sales transactions worth AED10.4 bn according to the Dubai Land Department.

I mean, wow!

Next up…

Dubai’s petrol prices have dropped 33% in less than a year and this month we could expect prices to be as low as AED 2.97 for E-91 going up to AED 3.16 for Super 98!

Planning to globe trot this summer?

Well get this, Emirates has added five new A380 Airbuses to their roaster which will be travelling to 43 destinations globally.

The five new flights would be debuting in London, Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland!

Lastly - Did you watch HM King Charles’ II Coronation?

In a formal ceremony held on Saturday at the Buckingham Palace, King Charles become the 40th reigning monarch of the UK since 1066. Millions of people came together to celebrate the monarch including many members of the UAE’s royal family.

And get this, in a VIP function to celebrate the coronation - Lionel Richie performed his hit tracks for the King!

Now that’s one way to dance all night!

Anywho, that’s all from me but I’ll be back on Friday with those weekend gems!

Until then, have a great week!

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