Want to transform your life? Uncover the secrets to success

Want to transform your life? Uncover the secrets to success

Friday 12 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
Want to transform your life? Uncover the secrets to success

On this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business, COO; Carl Allsopp is joined by a special guest - Mr. Chris Bowman who is the founder of Elite Sports Performance. They discuss all things high performance, what it takes to stay ahead in life and what are the key factors to stay consistent in high performance training.

To begin with, Chris Bowman introduces his business Elite Sports Performance and shares his journey of working alongside over 270 different athletes for rehab, training off season and on season. This includes pro-athletes, premier league footballers and local athletes. Chris comes to Dubai with over 10 years of industry experience in performance management.

Carl then talks about his own journey on performance, he discusses the importance of being mentally and physically healthy through discipline and workout. He believes it improves your overall quality of life and helps you transform into a much healthier and productive person.

Carl then attributes it to lifestyle and how changing a few daily habits can help you feel more productive and active on a daily basis. Chris then expands on what the differences one can see between someone who’s just begun their journey and someone who’s ahead in their training journey. He discusses how someone who is ahead - does not see their workout and training as a chore but rather a part of their routine, something they are adapted to and work on daily.

Chris then discusses how early performers take time to build up on their journey as results don’t come instantly but rather require consistent discipline. He then talks about professional athletes such as Ronaldo and Messi - who don’t just incorporate their high performance journey into their daily life but also focus a lot on their recovery as the muscles require time to recover and grow.

Moving further, Chris and Carl then discuss the connection between high performance and nature - the environment one is in and how it can impact their journey. This leads them to further expand toward how a release of chemicals such as Dopamine, Serotonin and Cortisol can affect our journey. Chris discusses how alcohol and chocolate or five minutes on social media release a buzz of dopamine in our minds but that follows with a crash - Although, with a workout, dopamine releases serotonin which offers the next day to not come with a crash but rather a lift of energy.

This brings them to discussing how our hormones are connected to our habits. Chris talks about the importance of maintaining good habits as those control the chemicals and hormones in our bodies. This brings Carl and Chris to share the success story of our Associate Director; Rob Kempton who lost 30 kgs in 80 days with the help of Chris’ high performance training. They discussed his journey and how he maintained a consistent routine and future identity.

Chris strongly believes in the importance of setting a future identity - which is a future goal you’d like to see yourself achieving and consistently working toward it without expecting instant results - as the key to a healthy mind and body is consistent care.

Chris also shares his personal advice to those starting out with their journeys on how they could stay on track - What’s the importance of staying consistent.

Planning to get in touch with Chris?

Website - Elite Sports Performance

Email - info@elitetsmdxb.com

To hear all this and more - tune into Taking Care of Business, every Friday.

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