Planning to buy an apartment? Dubai is set to introduce the all-new Bugatti Residences!

Planning to buy an apartment? Dubai is set to introduce the all-new Bugatti Residences!

Wednesday 17 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
Planning to buy an apartment? Dubai is set to introduce the all-new Bugatti Residences!

And here’s everything we know…

It comes as no surprise that Dubai’s real estate market is booming, so have you been googling how to buy an apartment in Dubai’ or ‘Dubai villas for sale’?

Can’t blame you, and here’s something that might pique your interest.

So, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the French luxury car brand - Bugatti, right? And if you haven’t, you might just need to catch up on the last few years and also now if you’re looking to buy an apartment in dubai.

Get this - Bugatti has recently paired up with the UAE-based developer, Binghatti Properties to create the world’s first and finest, Bugatti Residences! This upcoming project will be focused on the French lifestyle that would be brought to Dubai through Bugatti Residences, it would be centred on interesting experiences, lavish parties, scrumptious foods, and the daily celebrity spotting. If you’re planning to buy an apartment in Dubai off-plan, then this one’s definitely worth keeping on your radar.

So, what can you expect from Bugatti Residences?

Buying an apartment in Dubai would be like a trip to the French Riviera as this upcoming project will focus on bringing in the serenity of the French Riviera to the heart of Dubai. Binghatti aims to turn these Bugatti Residences into an architectural marvel.

The partnership between Bugatti and Binghatti is also a shining example of how two remarkable brands can come together in perfect harmony. Binghatti's unique architectural style is characterised by daring and intricate designs, and has brought the same level of art to real estate that Bugatti has done in the automotive industry. All this came together to create Bugatti Residences. So, if you’re still searching to buy an apartment in Dubai - here’s one we’d keep our eyes peeled for.

We know when you buy an apartment in Dubai you can expect killer amenities, instagrammable views, stunning spaces and a lot more, but with Bugatti Residences It's a space where architecture meets sports cars! Forget buying villas in Dubai, we are now on the hunt to buy these apartments!

When can you start apartment hunting?

More details on the Bugatti Residences will be revealed on May 24th at the Coca Cola Arena in Citywalk. So, if you are keen to buy an apartment in Dubai or are an investor looking to step into Dubai’s real estate market - here’s your chance! Stay tuned for May 24th.

Until then, if you have more questions, would like to know more on the off-plan properties in Dubai, or buy an apartment, you can get in touch with our Head of Developer Sales; Fintan Flannelly.

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