RTA to use AI to enhance ease road traffic in Dubai

RTA to use AI to enhance ease road traffic in Dubai

Monday 22 May 2023Wed 16 Feb
RTA to use AI to enhance ease road traffic in Dubai

Who’s to deny that when it comes to future technologies, Dubai is always two steps ahead.

From 3D printing buildings, to creating some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions, to hosting the world’s tallest tower and breaking records after records, Dubai is always enhancing and building a better future for its residents.

And now, Roads Transport and Authority (RTA) has announced the introduction of artificial intelligence in their systems to enhance and ease road traffic congestion in Dubai.

Aren’t we thankful, because we’re tired of breaking our heads behind the wheel in traffic!

Dubai has already taken the help of AI and implemented it into many of its different systems, such as DEWA incorporating AI into their services and Dubai Customs using AI to help secure UAE’s borders more safely.

So, how is RTA planning to utilise AI to ease traffic congestion in Dubai?

The RTA is launching a comprehensive Enterprise Platform for designing and developing AI and data science solutions. RTA is set to bring this technology into action by 2031, it will be used to predict maintenance for roads and bridges, public transportation route planning, traffic and furthermore, RTA will use AI to analyse traffic data to understand where road work is needed and planning to help reduce traffic congestion.

How great is that for all the residents?

Even greater, last month in April RTA announced that the city’s roads and traffic are set for an upgrade through the introduction of Smart Pedestrian Signals. These signals are matched to sensors on the road that can identify when pedestrians or cars are approaching. The signal then accordingly operates - by itself through the help of AI.

Now that’s something!

RTA has already begun the second phase of Smart Pedestrian Signals will be seeing an expansion of 10 new sites, which means by early next year we can expect 28 smart signals around Dubai. Best part, by issuing Smart Pedestrian Signals, RTA will help ease traffic congestion by keeping better time management on each signal for efficiency.

Impressive, right!

While the world continues chasing the waves of AI, many residents fear that AI will soon come after their jobs but AI is to be conquered rather than feared!

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